Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The move is over

Wow what a weekend, well the move is done thanks to a lot of great friends, Russ,Bubba,Julie,Megatron,Andrea,Amamda,Ashley,Mike B.,Lynn S.,John and who could forget my wife for puttin up with all my shit. The move went pretty good had everything at the new place by 11:00 and the truck back and the troops feed by 12:15.

Spent the night in the new home , I got to say it was a little strange, wake up in the middle of the night and don't know were in the hell you are, but all in all it has been ok

Had to finish cleanin the old place yesterday, what a job, but thanks to Erica it all went smooth as butter. You really don't think of how much shit you have until you have to move, then you get rid of a lot only to go out and get more stuff that you need for the new place. The cool think is I now have a basement for riding ans all my bikes, so no more bikes in the spare bedroom(see pictures)

So today is the last day I have off from work and I am not lookin forward to going back,I have a job that needs to be finished by the 3rd and no one has been on it since I left, so it should be way behind.

Sorry the pics are a little dark, I haven't had time to get some better lightin yet.

Well got to go and put more stuff away the wife calls ............
SEE YA.................................................................................

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Well had a good time at the barn tonight and then BAM , I hit the deck hard as hell, alittle war wound to
show the wife .
So the arm,wrist and the knee all feel like shit right now and I guess it will feel worse tomarrow.
Short post tonight as I am posting from the big B's house(Bubba) as our computer and cable was turned off today for the move.(Don't forget 8am if your helpin)
Well I try to post later with some pictures of the move.
See Ya.................................

Monday, February 20, 2006

Just not enough time

Time is short supply right now with the move, tryin to get things squared away at work before I take vacation and fitting ridding in so I have to let somethings go....... So I took the last bike from the old place to the new place and figured NO riding this week (recovery week).
Work will take up a lot of the week with long days and earl starts to get my job at hand(Pick-n-Save brookfield) to the point were I will pass fire inspection on Tue. a.m. and get the rest of the job ready to pass of to one of my guys (Brian) for the week I'm off. I was also informed that as of today another on of my jobs that I thought was not going to start for around two weeks was pushed up to today, so I had to get another crew started pulling wire for that job that is not a just do it job, it will take some planning and layout and I'm in hopes these guys can pull it out with no problem.
I can't wait for Thur. at the barn, I was in hopes that Erica would be able to make it but she was informed he first day of vacation was not approved because there was no one to work, so she will have to. I told her to tell them to screw off and call in sick but that's not her so she will work it and try to make it next week as she will still be on vacation.
So the move is on for 8am sat. Morning, if anyone can help that would be great and you will get a free lunch out of it. If you need the address just drop me a line.......
SEE YA..............................

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Let it Snow, But not to much

As I sit here lookin out the window at the snow all I can think about is it better not snow so much that I can't get to the BMX track tomorrow night. I am lookin forward to it as my work week has been long and the stress of having to move next week is startin to get to me.
I ordered my new helmet, jersey and pants on monday , QBP had everything but the pants, but they should be in any day. I am in hopes that the rest of it will be in tomorrow so I can use them .
I was informed by the Ash'ole that no one could
make comments on my blog, so I did a little changing and it should work now.
I am kind of bumbed I won't be able to make the ride on sat. but I have to work at the shop and right now I need the money for the fun stuff I like to do, so it looks like another trainer ride for me this weekend.
Well, got to go and do some stuff for work tomorrow and try to get to bed early.
See Ya...........................

Monday, February 13, 2006

Long Weekend but a lot of fun

Wow, what a weekend,I was planning on just a light couple of days packing some more stuff, doing a little ride and not much more , boy was I wrong.
The Sugs main ladie calls on friday and says hay, lets go out for dinner to japanaca(I know its not spelled right) so we say OK............
Well what a good time, a party of nine, and a chef called Tie Mi Shu and a couple of beers and the night was on its way.
After dinner we all went to the south side for drinks and it was all ON from there, stopped at the palamino and ran into Rustys niece and got to set the sights of the south side.
After a couple more drinks I think Sug was starting to see things , because he thought my ladies purse was a bag of caramel corn , the weird thing was he purse is pink.
On the way home Candy asked if we wanted to make some extra cash, and then handed us this (SEE LEFT), I figured lets go right now, we were drinking,I figured it would make for a good test.
Sat. we went to the NARI home show to see some cool new stuff, found a new bike storage rack for the basement , it works on a rail system and its cheap. $10.00 for a 4foot rail and $6.00 for each hook, the cool thing is you can move the hooks without screws so I am going to go to the guys shop and take a look at it and will see how it works.
Sun. was a slow day, worked at the shop and then came home to move some boxes and go to the new house.
Got to see some of the winter games later that night, not really into the winter games a much as the summer games but it was still fun to watch.
See ya...........

Thursday, February 09, 2006

It shouldn't be legal

I can not believe how much fun the BMX bike is, had my first go at the track tonight and it was a blast, I'm hooked. It took a little while to figure it out but I think I can get the hang of it.
I want to thank Jay, Russell and Danny for helpin me out and given me some pointers, I will be back next week for sure
It was like a blog fest there tonight, Jay,Russell,Pat,Ron,Bubba,Sug,Goat,Ray and a ton more(even the kids) .
Its kind of weird though, when you see BMX from the side lines it doesn't give it justice, I can't believe what it takes to just get around the track. I did my first lap and felt really good ,by my 5th lap I could barely catch my breath and the sweat was just pouring off but I was hooked.
Its kind of cool the way they set it up,they set it up in two groups so you kind of get a little break around every 10 min. or so and its needed( for me it was).
So first they let the 14 yr old and younger kids go and the older guys take a break and then they switch it up so its really cool.
Well I could keep going but got to hit the shower ,take the dog out and then get to bed.
See ya

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Got to Bens today to see Alan about the bike his Bro. has for sale, And after talkin to Jay I broke out the cash and now its mine. Spent tonight cleanin it up(it needed it) Changed out the rear brake, lost the rusty chain and it looks like a hole new bike. I figured I will go to Extreme tomorrow to put on the new chain and rebuild both the hubs and the headset and it should be good to go for the Barn on thur.
Got on the bike for a little tonight just to spin the legs out then headed over to Bubba's to pick up my tool bag and give him some shit, but when I got there the Megatron was the only one home and she was to busy chatin online with all the fifty year olds to even say hello, as I was out the door she looks up to say dads out riding with Jim and then back to the computer she went.(Bubba is training like a mad man so I don't make him my Bitch this year)
Well got to get some sleep
See ya

Monday, February 06, 2006

Erica's B-day

I guess today turned out pretty good, after a long night the morning turned out ok, dropped Erica off at work and figured I would be a nice guy and send her some flowers, so after 20min. and two different flower people they(they flowers) were on their way.
Now to work, Ok day I guess its just kind of hard because I have two new guys that know nothing about what they are doing and yet the boss is still bitchin why my job isn't done. So today I figured I would let him know how it feels, I called him about every 25 min. with the most stupid questions I could come up with just to piss him off, it was kind of fun and it made the day go pretty fast. Got ahold of Alan at Bens today and he is going to bring the BMX bike into the shop tomorrow for me to look at, so if all goes well It looks like I'll be on a bike thur. night at the barn.
So after all and all I figured I would be a even nicer guy and take Erica out for dinner and I even let her pick the place, she loves the olive garden so away we went to a really nice dinner just the two of us. It was nice we got to just enjoy each other , not something we get to do a lot because either I away from the house or she is so it was nice.
On the way home we stopped at the sportmart just to look around and we walked right into a big sale, so Erica got a riding jacket and long sleeve jersery by Carni , both for like 30 bucks "Happy Birthday Baby" hope you like what I got ya. I kind of made fun of it at first ,like when are you going to wear that , then she said " I really want to get on the bike more this year" "NO" "not race just ride". So that made me kind of smile.
Good end to a good day.
See ya

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The worst Sunday Ever

Well today really sucked, after having to get up at 4:45 am to take my wife to work(yes its getting real old real fast) I figured I would just lay down for a hour or two and then get on the trainer then take some more
boxes over to the new house, well when I finally got up it was like 12:00pm(yes I suck).
I got the car packed and on my way to the new digs I was, after the unload I was in hopes to get on the bike but was informed by the wife that I forgot we were to have dinner with her parent, great not only did we have crappy pizza the wife and I get into a fight and the hole night is in a ruins.
But now the good news, I got on the bike for about a hour even if it was the trainer again. The best part of all of this is tomorrow is is the wifes birthday , so not only do I fell like shit tonight I have no clue what to get her for her birthday.
Time to get to bed
See Ya

Saturday, February 04, 2006

First full entry

Well, Its Sat. And I would love to out on the bike but I am sitting in the house packin up for the big move. I cant believe its less then a month away and we are so far from being ready. The worst of it is we are only moving three blocks away but to a much nicer place.
I told Erica this is the last time, next it will be our own house.
I have been on the bike though, as much as the trainer sucks its still time on the bike, Hopin to get down to the BMX track this week as I have a line on a bike so I am in hopes that it will work out.
Right now I only have the fixie and the road bike, the single is in the shop,I had to rip it apart cause it needed a good cleanin and a new chain,
I went with one of those half links"SHIT" are they heavy but they look cool and I heard they like never break .
Well got to get back to work
See ya

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First one

Well this is the first one out the the block so we will see how it goes.