Monday, April 23, 2007


Have been having some good day as of late, two days over the week were spent on the single speed in the local woods. The rides were good, finally got to ride the new cranks and the new front chain ring(34), everything seems good now I just need to get my Bubba Beaters to the Tool to get then good and true.
Sat had to work at the bike shop and we were busy as hell, I think the first warm day brings out every piece of crap bike known to man and every freak in the area. Sun. got up early and did the team ride out of the shop and got to ride the new road bike, WOW is carbon nice and smooth on the road. Felt good till the last 5 miles and then when the tank ran out and the power was gone. Ran it in on fumes but it was still good to get out.
Spent the rest of the day with the wife and the little one doing some shopping and the hit the Timms house to drop off Karrie's B-day gift and spend a little time.
Ended the day with a good steak dinner with mushrooms,onions and some great potato's that the wife made.
The little one had a great weekend, she has found her voice and has begun to babble and has also found her tongue , that is real funny when she try's to pull it out of her mouth
More later
See yaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Big day for a little girl

Tess had a big day today as it was her baptism and we had both sides of the family,Hoffmans(God parents) and Wolfs over for easter.It was a great day and a lot of fun.

Friday, April 06, 2007

New look with new kits

Stopped and pick up the new kit and I have to say I think their the best one's yet.
Good color, nice to have the matching shorts .

Monday, April 02, 2007

12 LBS and 24in long

Wow, The Doc says she doing well and moving up the chart. The best is she is at the point where she knows her own voice and its really cool to see her and her face when she trys.