Saturday, February 04, 2006

First full entry

Well, Its Sat. And I would love to out on the bike but I am sitting in the house packin up for the big move. I cant believe its less then a month away and we are so far from being ready. The worst of it is we are only moving three blocks away but to a much nicer place.
I told Erica this is the last time, next it will be our own house.
I have been on the bike though, as much as the trainer sucks its still time on the bike, Hopin to get down to the BMX track this week as I have a line on a bike so I am in hopes that it will work out.
Right now I only have the fixie and the road bike, the single is in the shop,I had to rip it apart cause it needed a good cleanin and a new chain,
I went with one of those half links"SHIT" are they heavy but they look cool and I heard they like never break .
Well got to get back to work
See ya


tosacrosser said...

Randy- let me be the first to instruct you in the ways of the Blogosphere: RULE #1 Thou shalt keep thy blog up to date with regular postings. RULE #2 If rule number 1 is not strictly adhered to you will be promptly dropped from blog life just prior to Big Jim handing you a beatin' hard enough to make you Haaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuullllllllll it on back to your hole and never come out again.

Moving, kids, work, blah, blah, blah; none of it is a valid excuse.

You've been warned.

mountaingoat said...

True dat!

Caesar Evil said...

now that you are unpacked.. did you find those XCski boots you were going to sell me. Or is ya a indian seller.

End Transmission