Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Its Offical

Its never really been a problem for me but on Sunday the cork popped and I was in the hurt locker.The worst thing is it happened on a recovery ride. Had a good start, launched a stop ahead attack and the legs didn't like it to much but I just chalked it up to going to hard to early in the ride.
So I sat in for awhile(about 15 min) and started to feel better, see the next sign and off I go, felt good and then POP the legs let go. I look up and here comes a hill and before you know it I'm off the back and when I mean off the back I mean way off. It ended up taking me like 10min with some help to get back on and from there I just sat in.
Its been awhile for that to happen to me, I've tried to stay out of the hurt locker the hole year because I know how it makes me feel for about two or three days after.
Monday when I got up the legs felt like shit and the back was no better so it was no bike but the beer at the Timm's was good. I'll take today off also and maybe the legs will feel better for the ridge on wed. night.
As of right now the race this weekend is up in the air, at first we planned to go up and camp, but with the 40 next weekend and our 5th anniversary on the 13th I don't know if we can swing it with everything else that's going on but we'll see.

The last thing is if anyone is looking for bikes I'm selling. Looking to get rid of my Ferrous and my 5200 road bike.
My Ferrous is a 17.5 and is in great shape and I'll post some pictures later.
The Trek 5200 is size 54 and is like brand new and it has a powertap on it right now, I'm willing to sell it with the powertap or without as I still have the original rims.
Drop me a message if your interested and we'll talk price.

See Yaaa................