Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Feelin good

My back is feeling great and I have even got out on the bike yesterday and today. Yesterday just did a little ride to hoyt,two laps in hoyt and a spin back home. Back felt a little tight at first but felt a lot better by the end of the ride.
Today I hit the ridge, not to race but just to get a ride on a good course, rode rigid and the back felt good, didn't ride really hard but had a good climb up craters but the rhythm in the singletrack is a little off but getting better.
I'm hoping to ride atleast 5 days a week to get ready for the 40 and try to lose a little weight, well one can hope.
SEE YA....................................................

Monday, August 28, 2006

Ride time @the ridge

Ride: Crystal ridge, Mountain bikes
Date: Monday (Labor Day)
Time: 11:30am
A few fun laps of the hole loop w/ alpha
Meeting place: Alpha trail head (Golf coarse parking lot side)
Cookout after ride.
I am in hopes we can get a good turn out so tell all your friends

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

feel in a lot better and a new trike on the way

Well another stop at the back Doc today and I feel thing a lot better after a little electro-shock and then a little snap and pop, it seems like the disc went back into its space, now for the rest of things to get back in order. I will be off the bike for atleast two weeks, so it looks like a lot of core work and yoga.
Doc says yoga will do wonders on the back and help a lot with the core.
I forgot with all the stuff that has been going on to let everyone know the update with Erica, we had our big meeting with the doctor last week and everything is good, all tests came back normal,blood work just fine and Erica is in good health, so they said its time for the indepth ultrasound. We set up the time for last week tue and we were both full of nerves.
On our way to the doctors I look over at Erica and say "we can find out the sex if you want?" She looks over at me and says"YOU ASS I thought we were going to wait".
Well the long and short off it is all the scans look great and Erica was right on with her due date, Jan. 15, 2007. I am still in hopes for Dec. 31, 2006, well one can hope.
OK, OK .........................................................
And the baby is ..........................................
Its a girl, yes Randy is having, well really Erica but you know what I mean.
I am so amped for this, I really wanted a girl and I know its really real, Erica is also excited and we have started to do a little buying now that we know what it is and its cool to go out and look for girly stuff.
Well got to go and do some streches for the back and the goto bed
See Yaa........................................

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The ups and slipped downs of the last weeks

Well last week started great and I couldn't wait till wed when we (John,Karrie and I ) headed to Waterloo for three days at TREK, Day one started with test rides at the factory with some cool new rides. We got to ride the new fisher HiFi, cool new bike, really light but not for me, it climbs very well and the rear of the bike feels great but in my mind the down fall is the front, it seem like the new G2 fit changed the head tube angle and to me it feels like it is now to far under the bike, when you stand up it feels like you are going to go over the bars.
We also rode the new Lemond carbon rode bike and I'm in love, it is very smooth and rides like a caddy.
Wed. night was our first chance to see all the new 2007 bikes and they all look sweet, a lot of new weights on bikes and a lot of new specs. from last year, even a few total new bikes.
Thur. was a easy day as I could not get a demo road bike to ride in the morning so I got to sleep in, after that it was shop stuff and looking at more bikes until thur. night. Karrie said we were going to watch kick ball and John was playing, it was cool. TREK rented a semi pro teams stadium for the night and it was a blast, all the food and drink you could handle and some really fun games. Johns team ended up winning the hole thing it was cool. During the game there was a lot of stuff going on also, streaking, a guy riding a bike in his underwear on the field, one team beat up the mascot and stole a beer keg and the best was Bobkey (Bob Roll) did the play by play.
Got out of there around 11pm and decided it was time to hit the bed but the others had something else in mind, so I get a phone call at 11:45 and the other end is saying "GET UP WERE GOING OUT" so up I got and more beer went down, finale got to bed at 1am.
Fri. 5am the phone rings and I pick it up, "Your wake up call" bang goes down the phone, shit I have to get up for the 6am ride, I can sleep for 10 more mins. ring,ring,ring the alarm is going off, shit I'm late, get the it on and out the door to run into John and away we went.
I get to the demo site and all the 54cm bikes are gone buy one, a pilot 5.2, shit a comfort bike but it was all they had so lets go. Well that was until I went to move the seat post and it had like a 60mm post in it, as this is happening the first group with John in it leaves and know I'm pissed.
They jump into the back of the truck and "Sweet" they pull out a 5.2 madone 10speed and start to change my pedals and the second group leaves. Well the third group will have to do and were off, 10 strong and in a good grove on the path until our guide hooked a crack in the rode and goes down like a sack. Well that just changed the whole pace of the ride but it was still fun.
Fri. afternoon we decide to hit the demos on the way home and get somemore rides in.
Got to ride the new supercal 29er and I love it, it feels like it just rolls though the single track and climbs great. We got back and Karrie and I had a little some thing to eat well John took out the supercal, I was waiting to ride the new "Ferrous"29er(steel ) and at the time it was out (they only had 4 as they were prototypes) so John got back, He said he really liked the 29er and I was off on the Ferrous, felt great on the rode but the new G2 got me again, it climbs like a goat but just feels weird when you stand, now it did have a 80mm stem and I use a 100mm so that could have something to do with it but all in all it felt pretty good and it can also be turned from a geared bike to a singlespeed in a snap.
So were getting ready to leave and who comes walking up, its Gary Fisher, now that was cool.
Time to go home and off we go, on the way home I say to Karrie "Its weird my back feels kind of tight". I figured it was just from riding and I left it like that.
Sat. night we head to Dawn's, Keiths co-workers house for a party and some fun, so on our way I tell Erica "I don't know what I did but my back is killin me" she says it was just from the riding and it will go away. So we have a great time at the party but we have to call it early because Erica has to be up at 4am for work, so we get home and off to bed we go, I'm in hopes a good night sleep will help the back.
4am Sunday morning and Erica is out the door and I roll back over for more sleep till I have to be up to work at the shop later. 8am and I get up to take the dog out, the back hurts but I feel like I can make it though the day, I let the dog out to do his thing and he comes right back in, I go to close the door and "O' SHIT, I hit the floor in the most pain I have ever been in. I can't move, it feels like hot needles in my spine, so there I lay not being able to move, 45min later I finale get the phone and call the wife to get home as soon as she can. She gets home and gets me back into bed and calls the shop to let them know I won't be in. I spend the hole day in bed hoping it will get better but no deal, I call in for work on Monday and get into the chiropractor to find out I slipped a disc and will be out of work for the rest of the week and riding is out for idlest two.
I don't know if any of you have ever slipped a disc but WOW it hurts like hell, so I went to see the doc again today, I didn't thing your back could make sounds like that, and I will also go tomorrow. The back feels better but still hurts, atleast I can now walk and I am told I should feel like new by sat. or sun, I can only hope.
See Yaa..................................................

Sunday, August 06, 2006

No race day

Well it was kind of strange not racing today and not even being at the race but work called and I was on call all weekend, plus I really needed to get some stuff done around the house and spend some time with the wife.
We went for brunch at SAZS this morning (Thanks Tony and Ulla) and it was great, it was nice to spend time with Erica and the food was great. We also got a new fish tank on sat., a 40 gal tank, we had a 27 gal. so today I had to go back to the fish store today because the filter we got didn't work out of the box so I had to go exchange it.
I also got some stuff done I have been putting off , burned some cd's for the girls and finally got to my sisters to put up a light on the garage.
So I guess as bad as I felt not being at the race for the team I still got a lot done.
I also started to look at the calendar and figured I won't do another WORS race again till Rapids,
So I guess I got time.
Just read Pats blog and he posted the cross calendar so I guess I will also have to get the cross bike back together. I decided to make the redline into a singlespeed so I will stay with the one gear thing.