Thursday, March 27, 2008

The count down

Ha all'
The week has been slow but the bike has been more fun every day, got out again everyday but today as I has a bunch of stuff to do for work. The new diet is going great, after putting a little back on from the old diet I'm back down to 214 lbs, this is looking good for starting the race season under 200lbs.
On the bike front, I switched out the stock bars on the road bike for some of the new ergo bars(the ones with the flat tops) and have fallen in love with them, the ride just seems better and the hands really feel better. I also sent the powertap in today, ya I know it only been like a month since I talked about it but at least it went out.
On the mountain bike front, the green machine will be seeing gears for the first time since its birth, I really want to she what it will feel like with gears, I still am up in the air if I will race single in Wors but I am for sure riding gears in the 40 this year.
So otherwise things have been well, the family is good and work well its work and I need to get back to it.
SEE YAAAAAAAAAAA.........................................

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Check Cleared

Well I guess this means I really need to start training, made up my mind that I'm going to run it with gears this year, that should help with getting dropped on the road.

SEE YAAAAAAAAAAA...........................................

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lunch ride

Good ride today, hit the loop counter clock wise today so that meant a cadence hill day in the saddle. left the shop and looked up to see the flag hanging straight down, well that means no wind, ya right I should know better then that.
The ride out was fine really no wind until I got to the south side of the airport and then the cross wind came, that made the legs burn but all in all it was a good ride. tomorrow their calling for snow, What the "#@*&" so I guess the cross bike is coming with me to work tomorrow.
Got kind of boarded last night so I figured I take a walk though the Steal and Hock it show, seen some old faces but really just went there to kill sometime with Tess and it worked well, soon as we walk in she was sound asleep in the Kelty carrier, made it though the hole show with out one peep.
Diet is going well and I'll have a update on the weight next week. I find it kind of funny how on this diet I'm never hungry but on the ones in the past I was starving. Makes you go HMMMMMMM.
See YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.....................

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Taken it off

Yes it is true, the weight is coming off. The new diet is working well and with being on the bike the last 4 out of 5 days is not to bad either. Erica has joined me on the diet it is working for her also.
I found a good 45min lap out by work so I get to ride at lunch. Leave work, west on JJ to Silvernail
and around the airport, back to JJ and back to work. Still with enough time to get cleaned up and get something good to eat. The loop seems good for now as there are some good rollers and a good climb on JJ going west right after 164.
Yesterday I felt the wind, at one point(As the Tool would say) I could have pushed my bike faster then it felt I was riding, it was blowing from north to south and of course I was going west but at the cross over point it felt great to hit the big ring and cruse at 25 with hardly any effort.
Today is my day off but I think I'm still going to hit the ellip. for a good 20 to 30 min at a medium pace to keep the legs feeling good.
Its nice to be able to ride during the day when I have Tess at night, it the best of both worlds. I really want the nicer weather to get here so we(Tess and I) can get out together, she loves the trailer.
See YaAAAAAAA.................................

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Better days

Yes thats right I am having better days, back on the diet full speed after the stomach thing, I'm looking at a nine week diet plan from CTS and it looks like I can handle this, the old plan was in my reach but just seeming to slip away, 2lbs last week put the nail in the lid on it. So I started the new one last night, a lot of salad and fish along with fruit and vegies. So I will keep you up to date.
Tess I sick again, but I guess its going around, nothing to bad this time I think its just a cold.
Just forwarded off an e-mail to Saris to get my power tap in for service, hope to have that ready for spring riding.
The rest of the day will be full to the brim since I was out yesterday, so I'm off to a meeting right now and then my be I can go home.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Crap,Crap and more Crap

Thats what this hole weekend was. My plan was to ride this weekend but that was not to happen, I am in the same boat as the TOOL, but my stomach problems have been with me for over a week, they seem to get better but this weekend came back full speed. So I spent Sat. out with the wife and the baby till the wife had to work and then it was just me and Tess, it was fun we played, napped and played some more before we had to pick up mom from work.
We did pick up a new chest freezer for the basement, with all the new foods(trying to eat healthy) we are running out of room in the kitchen fast, plus Pick and Save had great deals on chicken this weekend so we stocked up.
Yesterday was just a Fu@k story, I got woken up at 3am, well I thought it was 3 it was really 4am all because of this stupid time change. The access control systems we put in get all their times from the networks their on, but we have like 100 customers that has stand alone systems that aren't on networks. So with all this stupid time change shit the government has pulled the calenders are off and the daylight savings change never took place. Great, so I get to field calls at 3am sorry 4am to try to tell people we will get right on it.
Now I'm up and I can't get back to sleep, I read a little mountain bike action and I hear "WAAAAAAAAA" SHIT! Yep Tess woke up 4:30am so I pick her up and walk around the house for awhile and shes back of to lala land, to bed I go. 5:30am "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" yep shes back up, now Erica gets up and brings her to our bed, O GREAT, for some reason my daughter thinks my pillow is hers and all hers but Erica holds her till shes asleep , ya for me.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" now its 6:30am I take her from Erica so she can get some sleep, out goes the lights and were back in lala land till like 7:15 and now she wants up and its play time,great.............. Erica gets up and takes her into the front room for breakfast and to watch her favorite show PEEP (it real cute) and off to sleep I go, I wake up and its like 9am(Really 10am), Tess is back in bed and trying to wake me up. OK OK I'm up, lets go do something. Remember what I said about time change, Well our car clock is the same way, so for like the first three hours I was a hour off.
So Today is the same way, the clock right outside of my office was a hour off for half the day until someone just changed it, Shit I'm back off a hour again. I try to plan my day out so I don't get screwed at the end of the day, Well????????????????
I thing I'm just going home early.
See Yaaaaaaaaa..........................................

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Slow numbers

The numbers have been going down slower then the past numbers have. I was down to 210 and as I stepped onto the scale this morning it was back up to 212. FU*K. Well slow is better then none.
Did some riding this weekend and it felt great to finally get out and stretch the legs.
Felt great at the start and the middle with now problems with the shoulder or the hip from the crash last fall, that was until the last eight miles. I guess I was compensating for the shoulder and hip and never knew it. All in all it never really started to bother me till Monday.
The hills on the other hand came up and smacked me right in the face, hospital hill sucks!!!!!!!
The worst part of the hole day was when I got home, Erica went to see her Grandpa with Tess and I was so hungry I sat down and ate a hole box of mac and cheese by myself, 400 calories and after I felt like shit ( could have kicked myself in the head, but at the time it tasted sooooooooo good).
Monday was a little better,up at the crack of dawn to be in green bay by 8am, well thats what I figured. A drive that I can do in 1.45 min turned into a 3hour slow as it goes hell fest, cars in the ditch and cars on there lids. Got back around 12 and worked for about 2 hours until we had to take Tess for a check up. Things all look good, 23.5 lbs and 32.5 inches long, that now puts her in the 50% range for weight and the 75th% for height, lets hope this means shes going to be tall and lean.
She did have to get three shots but she took them really good, they did put her down for the count for the rest of the night, so I figured I would take advantage of that and hit the basement for a run on the elliptical for 30 min and then a little weights.
Today is a day behind the desk to get things back in order and get parts ordered. I will hope to get back on the elliptical for another 30 tonight. Its also back to the 6 meals a day and water, water,water. Thats one thing I don't really mind about the diet, I am really starting to like water.
I was never a big water drinker unless I was on the bike before.
Thanks to everyone who came out on the ride with the Sugs and I, it was a lot of fun, and thanks for pulling me around for 29 miles.
SEE YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...................................................