Friday, October 31, 2008

Broken things cost money

Yes they do. So at Shawno I figured out I broke my Ferrous frame, Great I really liked that frame and the color, but I figured since I already ordered a new RIG I really have no need for another hard tail so I am getting a HIFI as a replacement. But there was not a chance I was giving it up till after Shervegas and......... well here it goes.
The race it self was OK for me this year, I really wanted to make a good showing and work for a top three, Don calls go and were off, I'm sitting good and watching the leaders right in front about five bikes up. I'll sit here I figure and just watch for awhile, then some guy eats it in the first single track and there is no way to get around, SHIT..................... I'm f'd as the lead group is gone. I get back on and I have two guys to work with and we do well all the way into the tall pines when I see the group ahead and push to catch them(BIG MISTAKE). I was getting tired from playing catch up but figured as soon as I caught them I could sit in and take a breather.
I stand to catch up and hit the ground like sack of shit, I hit the ground HARD BOOM!!!!!!!!!! A sharp pain in the hand as I look down to see the last three fingers on my left hand bent backwards touching my wrist, Shit I figure I broke them, I roll around on the ground in pain for awhile, the two guys behind me stop(Thanks) long enough to get me and the bike off the trail.
I think to myself I'm done..........Fuck that I'm finishing, rip off the glove, pull off the wedding ring(good move as you'll see later) and pull my fingers back into joint, and ya know it didn't hurt that much. Put the glove back on and off I go.
The hand hurts but I figure I'll just put it out of my head and it worked. Road the rest of the single track and across the road trying to make up some time, got to the hill and figured giver and I did. The first time in five years I mad it up the EQ. and i even got payed.
Made the rest of the lap and stopped by Erica to off load the ring and the five dollars and off I went to finish the last lap. It was a good race and I even ended seventh in my field(I figured for sure I was last).
The hand was a hole bigger problem, by the time I finished I could hardly move my fingers and the swelling was getting bad but there was no way I was leaving. The rest of the night was spent in pain but not enough that a few beers couldn't help.
The next day I get up and my hand looks like a rainbow, Blue,Yellow,Purple and Green and the swelling is so bad I can't move the fingers at all(thank God I took off my ring), so i figure I should go to the doctor but I have to go into work first to get my guys to their jobs and take care of some stuff, yes I am bull headed.
Well by the time I got to the doctor it was like almost seven pm and I still need to get X-rayed.
At first look they see no breaks, WOW no breaks so back home to ice I go and by Tuesday the swelling is down and the colors Oh the colors are much worse.
At 3:00pm my phone rings, its the doctor from yesterday" Randy is your pinkie hurting or giving you any problems" "well yes it hurts more then the others" "well that's because you broke it at the second joint and it giong to hurt for awhile" "Thanks for the info".
Not much they can do for it but he was right it hurts.
Other then that not much has been going on, went to the WORS banquet, it had a low turn out from years past and I still didn't win anything. Then the sickness came to the family and for almost two weeks we've passed it back and forth till the last two day we seen to be coming out from under it.
Tonight were heading to the SUG's for "Trick or Treat" for Tess and then it's up to Green Bay for me to do a Ski swap for the bike shop. So its another full weekend.

See ya...........................................

Friday, October 03, 2008

On the note of my blog has been taken over buy a cut and past hacker I will add this.

Who are you voting for?

Lets hope he has a good firewall and virus scanner.
I love computers and what they can do for you and to others.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Yes I am. I know its been awhile and I've been taking some shit because I haven't updated but I've had a lot to do and to blog you have to have time, unlike ASHOLE who just posts pictures of his man crush.
So where do I start.... the 40 will do.
This year was not the best, had a great ride up with John S. and Dave D. but the race was totally different. Git up at the crack of dawn to get some bikes out, then it was back to the house for some breakfast and a last check of thing to make sure I had everything and before I knew it we had to go. Got to the start line to stand around and wait( same old same old) then we were off. The road was OK but I went a little to had pulling Sug and got slammed in the field, tried to grab a wheel but the legs felt like concrete so I just sat. Felt good in the beginning, saw Regina get a flat and asked if she was OK, she was and passed me later. Saw most of my team pass me also but I figured that was going to happen, I looked at it like this, my plan was to have fun no matter the time.
At around eight to go the back started to really act up and I was all over the bike, I couldn't a place that was comfortable to sit then the rain, the rain o shit the rain. It was OK at first but around 2 to go it came down with some force and the bike suffered for it. The last hill before the finish I chain sucked and bad, it took about 5 min to get it out and I figured it cost me about 30 places, but all in all it was fun.
I did something I really wanted to do (well almost) I climbed 3/4's of fire tower hill, I couldn't climb the start because some guy fell in front of me but I got the rest and it felt great.
It was pouring when I finished so it was right to the Hayes guys condo to warm up and shower(thanks guys) so I missed alot of the stuff that was going on and never go my time till the following day but I knew it was bad so it was no great loss.
Skipped Rhinelander because of work and really wanted to make up for it in Shawno, decided to Camp even now it was going to be cold and all in all it was really comfortable (except for the leak in the air mattress).
Had a OK pre- ride, the course seemed long and very rough, not good for the back, but I liked it.
Sunday morning came and I was running late with my pre race to do list, never got to warm up till 9:30 so I was worried about the start. Got in the shoot and had a good line up, second row middle, Don calls go and were off. We all stuck together until the third turn and then someone jumped, I knew if I wanted have a good race I had to chase because the first single track has no place to pass. I gun it and I'm about 7th back, a good place for me and I feel good so I hold it.
Into the tunnel and I'm OK sitting about 6th as I get passed but a guy in my age group, well I can't let that happen time to pick up the pace.
First lap on the other side and the legs feel good and I've passed two more guys in my age group, I figure I'm forth in my group and I'm happy with that for now and set the cruise, just then I get passed by a 35+ clyd, "SHIT" I'm in for the chase, I sit on his wheel figuring he ca pull me when "SLAM" he hits a tree and he now behind me again. So what to do? I test him and every time I go I get a gap so the next straight away I go and I'm away I keep pushing and were at the down hill with the soft climb after it. I rail the down hill and get cut off on the climb and what do ya know he passes me again, Run FAT ASS is all I can think at the time.
Were at the lap point and he must have had someone giving him a hand up because he was off the course when he hit the sand and down he went again. I figured I was ok and I needed to turn it back a little because the back was starting to hurt a little and I need some power for the finish.
So I just ride smart and clean everything and make it though the tube clean, one more lap on the start side and I'm in for fourth. I get to the corn field and what do you know he's back(well he's nothing but consistent) I figure I'm not going to give up this way and I giver, I keep the line and I'm first into the single track, I clear all the hills and the rocks and I'm testing him as we go. We hit the last open field( I thought it was the last) and I give it hell to see if I can drop him, it works and i figured I was in the clear until I don't see the finish and realise I went to early, SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. We pop out to the finish road and He passes me and my tank is empty.
I still felt good and I really had a good race. I checked the results and I ended up forth and I was in the race for third, O well it was a good time.
On the home front all is well, Tess will turn two in November , wow where has the time gone. other wise all is good. I will try to post more.
See Ya........................................