Monday, February 13, 2006

Long Weekend but a lot of fun

Wow, what a weekend,I was planning on just a light couple of days packing some more stuff, doing a little ride and not much more , boy was I wrong.
The Sugs main ladie calls on friday and says hay, lets go out for dinner to japanaca(I know its not spelled right) so we say OK............
Well what a good time, a party of nine, and a chef called Tie Mi Shu and a couple of beers and the night was on its way.
After dinner we all went to the south side for drinks and it was all ON from there, stopped at the palamino and ran into Rustys niece and got to set the sights of the south side.
After a couple more drinks I think Sug was starting to see things , because he thought my ladies purse was a bag of caramel corn , the weird thing was he purse is pink.
On the way home Candy asked if we wanted to make some extra cash, and then handed us this (SEE LEFT), I figured lets go right now, we were drinking,I figured it would make for a good test.
Sat. we went to the NARI home show to see some cool new stuff, found a new bike storage rack for the basement , it works on a rail system and its cheap. $10.00 for a 4foot rail and $6.00 for each hook, the cool thing is you can move the hooks without screws so I am going to go to the guys shop and take a look at it and will see how it works.
Sun. was a slow day, worked at the shop and then came home to move some boxes and go to the new house.
Got to see some of the winter games later that night, not really into the winter games a much as the summer games but it was still fun to watch.
See ya...........


bubba said...
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bubba said...

Booze through an IV??...That's perfect for you. You can get all liquored up and NEVER stop yapping.