Monday, February 06, 2006

Erica's B-day

I guess today turned out pretty good, after a long night the morning turned out ok, dropped Erica off at work and figured I would be a nice guy and send her some flowers, so after 20min. and two different flower people they(they flowers) were on their way.
Now to work, Ok day I guess its just kind of hard because I have two new guys that know nothing about what they are doing and yet the boss is still bitchin why my job isn't done. So today I figured I would let him know how it feels, I called him about every 25 min. with the most stupid questions I could come up with just to piss him off, it was kind of fun and it made the day go pretty fast. Got ahold of Alan at Bens today and he is going to bring the BMX bike into the shop tomorrow for me to look at, so if all goes well It looks like I'll be on a bike thur. night at the barn.
So after all and all I figured I would be a even nicer guy and take Erica out for dinner and I even let her pick the place, she loves the olive garden so away we went to a really nice dinner just the two of us. It was nice we got to just enjoy each other , not something we get to do a lot because either I away from the house or she is so it was nice.
On the way home we stopped at the sportmart just to look around and we walked right into a big sale, so Erica got a riding jacket and long sleeve jersery by Carni , both for like 30 bucks "Happy Birthday Baby" hope you like what I got ya. I kind of made fun of it at first ,like when are you going to wear that , then she said " I really want to get on the bike more this year" "NO" "not race just ride". So that made me kind of smile.
Good end to a good day.
See ya


mountaingoat said...

You coming Thursday! I'm going to put you over the bank.

Jay said...

I'll dail 911 and push send when the gate hits the ground. It should be about 5 seconds and then Randy will hit the ground. OH wait that was me a few weeks ago, but this time it will be Randy. Can't wait to have another WORS racer at the Barn. See you there.

Jim G said...

Call your boss every 5 minutes today. He will find that very amusing.

Russell said...

You should've gotten her a spork instead. Would've come in handy at The Olive Garden.

TonyG said...

Dork! You're suppose to get her a b-day present a head of time, you're lucky you lucked out at Sportmart!

I should go to the barn and watch the carnage!