Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Days of thinking

Well sorry its been awhile but things have been pulling me in all directions as of late. The new job is going great even know its a little more work then I first thought, its taken some time but I am getting the swing of things and everybody in the shop is a great help.
Things at the bike shop are always fun and its like being in another world for me, no matter what my week was like or what has happened it all goes away when you step in the shop and get your hands dirty.
Home has been great and this little one is a ton of fun, she is getting so big its hard to remember how small she really was. Now don't get me wrong we have had our ups and downs but in the end
sometimes I just look at her and think "is this really real".
Erica and I have talked a little and I think I have made up my mind with the whole racing thing,
I'm taking this year off of WORS, maybe I'll do one or two but I will miss most of them. This is more of a good thing as I really want to be around for Tess's first year and racing takes up a lot of time in the summer and I don't think its fair to make Erica take care of her well I'm out racing and having fun.I really want to be around for all the fun stuff she will be doing.
Now don't get me wrong I still will be doing 24-9, chequamegon (If all goes well with that) and I hope to get to the time trials but for the most part of it, it will all be riding for fun.
I will miss all the people I get to see at the races but it will only be for a year and I still hope to get to some of the race to watch.
See Yaaaaaaaaaa..................................

Sunday, March 11, 2007

30 in on a Empty tank

Had a good ride today, out to the waukesha county airport with a little stop a work and then back.
Felt good on the way out but felt like shit on the way home, the tank was empty. I was eating and drinking but still felt like shit. Road the cross bike with the 1x8 set up and all ran great till I hit hoyt park and the shifting not working, a little tinkering and come to find out 5 loose chain ring bolts, so a little turn with the tri key and away I go.
Hills both ways and I put in almost three hours in the saddle, not a break neck speed but it felt great to get out.
See yaa..............................