Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Felling better and better each day.

It been almost three weeks with the new meds and things seem to be working. Lost a little weight I guess as I moved the belt in one notch. I also started using a Tens machine for my knee and that also seems to be coming around.
So I made up my mind, no fat tire 40 for me this year. Just with everything that has gone on over the last few months and then the knee, i'm just better staying out of it this year and healing up right for a big push next year on the whole biking front.

Well, that's about it for this week, here's to the hopes your life is improving just like mine.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Great week

Well so far the week and weekend has been great for me. The new meds are starting to work and it seems so far as we may have a winner. Was able to get back on the bike a do a 30mile ride. Haven't done that in almost 12 weeks. The legs felt pretty good for the 30 miles and the group from Wheel north shore were great.
SO wee will see how things go from this point, week by week not only will I have updates on the meds but also on the weight I have put on and need to take off.

Thanks for all the support from my friends and family and all the great words.

Talk to you soon

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Been awhile.

Hello all........

Well it been awhile since I've been on here but I figured I might as well use this as sort of a diary for some changes I am going to try to make in my life. It hard to say with everything I have in my life that I wish it was better but I do. I have had to make some changes lately that have not really made me happy but have had to be made.
I don't know if many of you know by I have been battling depression since I was in high school (wow I think that's the first time I've totally let that out). It's been a up and down battle at times but within the last few years it has come to what I believe has been its worst. With different meds and support from family and friends the days have become bearable at times but still the worry of things never goes away. Little things, big things and all the things in between are a major burden with someone with depression.
What most people don't understand is depression changes your whole way of life and how things are handled. Like meds, I have been to the doctor's and been on different meds to help and some do and....... some don't. Like the ones I'm on now, do they help? Yes, but the side effect was a forty five pound weight gain and some pretty drastic mood swings. Is that what I need or want? No. So its back to the drawing board to find something else.
How do you explain to your five year old that Daddy wants to play but can't. I've tried I'm sick, and she makes me some tea from her play tea pot. Its hard all around and I think more people need to know this is out there. Its not something I contracted or got from being sick its just who I am, but not who I want to be.
So that is it, I have depression! I said it, now comes the hard part, what to do about it. Med change is one, but some other things need to be changed to. And with the help of my wife, my daughter, family and friends the line has been drawn for me to follow.
So going forward not only will this blog be about biking its also going to be about the battle to change and take on my life head on.
Hope you come back to read from time to time as its going to be a wild ride.


Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I'm Back

Well its been awhile but I'm still here. Life has to take first chair sometimes and as of late it has but I am back on the bike and back to training. The last two months have been good for riding but not what they should have been. I think I have a total of 400 miles in for the last eight weeks kind of sad but better then last year. The good news is in the last two days I have 98 miles in, so my average is up at least.
The weight loss thing has been going OK. I'm down a total of 31 pounds. I was down a total of 35 but life caught up and I put some back on. I guess that's how things go but I feel a lot better then I did last year and I can really tell the difference when I'm in the saddle.
Tess is doing great and growing up so fast. She has been on her tricycle every chance she can and getting better and better every ride. She has told us she wants a to wheeler, surprised????????? Not me, she is my daughter after all. So last week we stopped at the bike shop and she picked the one she likes. So being the bike Dad I am I told her to master the trike and I'll get it for her. I'm hoping she will be on a two wheeler by the end of fall.
Another great step in our healthy family life style is we are riding our bikes together. This has always been a sticking point between Erica and I as she is not fond of having to ride with traffic. But now living in Brown Deer has the traffic much less and we live very close to BD park. This is great for us as we can now go for a ride with Tess in the trailer and we all feel good.
Erica and I have both been eating better and exercising a lot more. I guess when you look at the big picture, do you really want to be a fat parent when your kid is growing up? Well......... we decided NO and were trying our best remember that everyday.
My first race will be Rinelander in two weeks. It should be a good race. I've never done it before so it will be something new. That same weekend will also be the the second annual extreme training camp. So that weekend will be full with riding but will be fun for sure.


Monday, January 18, 2010


Beautiful, clean and very well maintained just waiting for you. This bike is fast on the flats and an incredible climbing machine. Perfect for the person looking to upgrade their current bicycle or for that person looking to purchase a well built, great priced Road Bike.
Frameset TREK 5200
Sizes 54cm
Frame OCLV 120 Carbon
Fork Bontrager Race, carbon
Wheels Bontrager Race(Power Tap "Not Included")
Tires Bontrager Race Lite, folding, 700x25c

Shifters Shimano Ultegra STI, 10 speed
Front Der Shimano Ultegra
Rear Der Shimano Ultegra
Crank Shimano UltegrA 52/39/30
Cassette Shimano Ultegra 12-25, 10 speed
Pedals n/a

Saddle Bontrager Race X Lite
Seat Post Bontrager Race X Lite Carbon
Handlebars Easton Ergo flat top 31.8mm
Stem Bontrager XXX lite, +/- 12 degree, 31.8mm
Headset Cane Creek S-3 w/cartridge bearings, sealed
Brakeset Shimano Ultegra w/STI levers
Extras Bontrager BzzzKill,Bontrager Gel Bar Tape,
Bike has never been crashed
Freshly Tuned

Thursday, August 06, 2009


I'm starting like I'm getting back in the game. If most of you did not hear about four weeks ago I crashed a Crystal Ridge and dislocated my shoulder. So I have had a long four weeks and before that my fitness was not the best it has been, but........ Last night turned that all around. Lets start with last week. At the ridge the turn out was big, pre Wors race, the plan was just get the laps in and see how the a arm feels. Everything was great until the third lap when for some reason the lights went out and the woods got dark, I mean real dark. The last lap was like riding blind but I finished.
This week I worked a little harder in the single track and tried to hold onto Coop's wheel as long as I could. That worked great until my powertap head unit popped off in the woods right before the alpha trail, so from then it was a catch up game. I think I did pretty good and even tested the climbing speed in my legs on the finish hill.
So all in all not to bad. For three laps it ended up 34minutes,34 minutes and 33 minutes.
I feel the old randy coming back, now lets hope I can carry this into the 40.

See Yaaaaaaaaaaaa................................................