Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The move is over

Wow what a weekend, well the move is done thanks to a lot of great friends, Russ,Bubba,Julie,Megatron,Andrea,Amamda,Ashley,Mike B.,Lynn S.,John and who could forget my wife for puttin up with all my shit. The move went pretty good had everything at the new place by 11:00 and the truck back and the troops feed by 12:15.

Spent the night in the new home , I got to say it was a little strange, wake up in the middle of the night and don't know were in the hell you are, but all in all it has been ok

Had to finish cleanin the old place yesterday, what a job, but thanks to Erica it all went smooth as butter. You really don't think of how much shit you have until you have to move, then you get rid of a lot only to go out and get more stuff that you need for the new place. The cool think is I now have a basement for riding ans all my bikes, so no more bikes in the spare bedroom(see pictures)

So today is the last day I have off from work and I am not lookin forward to going back,I have a job that needs to be finished by the 3rd and no one has been on it since I left, so it should be way behind.

Sorry the pics are a little dark, I haven't had time to get some better lightin yet.

Well got to go and put more stuff away the wife calls ............
SEE YA.................................................................................


Anonymous said...

when I was in college I tried to get into a Frat party to drink free beer. We told them we just drove a UHall from Minn and wanted to crash at the frat house for the night. The dude at the door said "Why don't YOU HAUL your ass out of here" needless to say that was another plan that failed for me.

End Transmission

Jim G said...

I got into lots of frat parties in Madison. We had competitions to see who could spill the most beer on their carpet, unless their were cool peole there. Speaking of hauling. We were at a frat party that really sucked. Total meat heads, no chicks etc. Finally we got fed up and loaded one of their half barrels on a conveniently parked barrel dolly and haulled it all the way from Frat Row to our place on Mifflin. The best Frats for parties were Sigma Pigma Pie and the Tri Smelts. They were not in the frat area but had better parties.

ksjc said...

that second pic looks like the road bike has training wheels