Tuesday, July 31, 2007

24-9 and the shit goes SNAP!

Went up to Wausau on Friday morning with Greg Parker and got a good spot for the team and got everything set up. went out and did a lap around 4pm and blew up, never even got to the second side of the trail, it was a problem I have never really had before and let me say I DON"T like it. Got back to camp and tried to eat and get my body ready for Saturday.
The rest of the team came up Saturday morning and we sent John off first and he had a great start.

Everything went well, Jim got a flat (no way) then it was my turn, and to my surprise it was OK,
I did some changes to the bike sat. like put the REBA back on and changed the gear and it seemed OK.
I like to do the night laps so I got skipped on the next go round so I would run the lap in the dark. So I set up the new lights and waited for it to get dark.I love riding the night lap, the hole course seems to be different and it seems to flow much better.
So Mike G. comes in and off I go, click on the new HID's and its like day light, WOW those things are bright. Roll though the hole first section and things are going great and this lap is way better then my first. I hit red bud road and I get passed by Nate and I grab a wheel, pedal as hard as I can and now it really feels like I'm HAULIN. Legs are burning and I can't hold on any longer Nate pulls away right before the rocks and I get stuck behind to guys walking with no lights.
Hit the cross over at red bud and I'm in the home stretch and feeling good. I see the lights and give it all I have left, 5min off my first lap , well that's good .
Get back to camp get cleaned up and eat only to find out we ended up 4th .........
Oh well it was fun, the bike was making some funny noises in the last 5 miles but I really never thought of it as my mind was on getting everything backed up so I could roll out early to get home.
So yesterday I pull the bike out of the van to give her a bath and something looks weird, the seat post looks bent, that can't be it's carbon. No it's not the seat post it's the frame, no not bent cracked. Shit, I can't even get the post out, well now I know what the noise was.
So today I will drop the frame off at the shop and see what they can do, I wasn't going to race the ridge this weekend anyway but I was going to head out there on Saturday and do a lap or two.
O well
See Yaa..........................

Monday, July 23, 2007

Wow it been a long time

Yes I know its been awhile but what ever.
Had a great weekend for a change, Sat. started buy getting up and playing with Tess and getting stuff ready to head out to the ridge to help out with the WEMs race, had a tag-a-long as I asked Greg to come with and of course he said yes.
we got to the ridge, set up some stuff and went for a lap to check the course to see if all the tape was still up. You would think as much as I have ridden out there I could have a better ride but with some of the trails being run in reverse it was like it was all new. Came back, ate some food relaxed and had some fun. Waited for the 30 mile to start and went for lap two, a much better lap and things were flowing better. Hit craters and we let three riders go by but passed them on the hill. That hill seems a lot more easy on the single then with the gears. We got to the top and pulled over to see how the three we passed were doing and then hooked on and finished the lap.
It was a good time to just go ride and have fun after not really race.
Things at home have been great, Tess is getting so big and things like crawling are going to be ant day now, she has already said Dada and Mama plus Baba so things are going well.
Well goto go