Thursday, March 30, 2006

Some good news some ok news and some just news

OK I know its been awhile but I have had a lot to do as of late, but the good news is I have been on the bike a lot this week and the weight is coming off (thank god). I have rode everyday but Monday so I feel pretty good. I also made a change to the rig and went with a 15 tooth gear in the back and a 32 up front and what a difference it made, I can feel that I don't sit down as much and that is a huge help for me. I feel like my legs get tired faster but like I said I just changed it so it will just take some time. I figure if I use it for training I should have a easier time using a smaller gear during races.
The next update is I am total off of coke (soda that is) I haven't had one in like two weeks and I feel really good, no headaches, and that's is a big shock and as I said before that helped a lot with more weight coming off. I have tried to stay away from the scale as I don't want to get down on myself, three weeks ago I was down about 27 lbs so lets hope it keeps going south.
The best news of the week is I got into the Chequamagon for the first time and I can't wait, five years of trying and it finally payed off.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Well I figured it was about time to see how the old ticker was doing with all the (or some) training, so i called up Bubba to come over and do one of those CTS tapes in the new riding room. We did the crit one and it was a burner, one hour and five min. and it felt like five hours sittin on the ball and chain(see ealirer post) but it was good. So the picture you see is of my HR data that I downloaded. not to bad for five weeks till wors. A little more work on holdin my power at a lower heart rate and then workin on the sprints.
Well got to hit the shower and then to bed.
SEE YA.................................

Saturday, March 11, 2006

What a week

What a week this has been, I have been workin my ass off to finish a three week job in a week, got to love them salesmen.
Well the week started out o.k. , from about 6:00am to 7:00am monday morning, then all hell broke loose and in short as of today I have 60 hours in and I still have to work tomorrow for like three or four hours, God I love my job. Plus then I get the kicker, I have to go out of town for work mon, tue,and wed so needless to say I have to find a way to stuff a bike into the back of my work truck to keep up on the training.
I really wanted to do the road ride tomorrow but I don't think that will be happening unless i get home early and its not raining, but I think I will try to get out and see some of the guys race at parkside on sunday, I decided to hold off for a week as I just don't think racing,workin, havin to pack and spending some time with the wife will all fit into like 36 hours, so I will hope for no rain either next week or the week after.
Training is going good and I am down about 14lbs so far, I would love to get rid of about 25lbs before race season we'll see how it goes. It really helps that we changed a lot of how and what we eat, a lot less pasta and more chicken and salads. I'm down to about two sodas a day and I think that is making the biggest difference
along with the riddin.
I found one good thing for me is to take the stairs when I'm at work, we work at a lot of places that have four or more floors and I always took the easy way up but lately I've been taking the stairs and I think its paying off.
Well I really should be off to bed 5:30am is going to come fast.
SEE YA .......................................

Sunday, March 05, 2006

2nd ride outside of the winter

Had a good ride today with Candy,Rob,Russ and Bubba, rode for around a hour and then had to cut out. It was weird today, the bike felt like some thing was wrong, I haven't ridden it since I overhauled it about 4 weeks ago. We got out for a little and I had to shift the placement of the bars, then the air in the tires and I'm still havin problems with the new brakes, I just can't get them to stop rubbin, there fine on the stand but as soon as I get them outside they start to rub. But all and all it was a good ride.
Spent the rest of the day gettin the house finished and doin odds and ends.
Went out to eat with my folks,grandma and my two nieces. My youngest niece was just given the national honor awarded for grade school students so my folks took us all out to dinner. Now don't get me wrong I love my family(well most of them) but I'm glad it was just dinner, I can only take so much and two hours is about just enough time .
As I'm sittin at the computer the dog and cat are running around the house like mad, so I thought I'd post a picture when they seem to be best friends, if you look close the cat is under the dogs paw.
SEE YA..............................................................

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sittin on my ass goin nowhere

Just got done with a hour ride on the trainer and I have to say it much better ridin in the basement then ridin in the small spare room but its still ridin on the trainer.
I put in 60 min of just base time as I will now start to ramp up a little to see if I can do a couple of the parkside crits in a couple of weeks, we'll see how it goes.
I also have to keep up the pace so I can hand Keith, AKA "ASHHOLE" AKA "BUBBA his ass in the up comin season, for some reason he thinks I just sittin at home eatin bonbons and watch Americas worst singer(Idol), its sherbert get it right and I hate that "F'in program.
Well I got to go hit the shower and then to bed as it will be to before the sun again and then to the barn for the last practice.
SEE YA .....................................................