Monday, January 29, 2007

Bad day at work,

Good day on the trainers, After doing taxes and venting after my shitty day at work I got onto the bike and figured its about time I get back on the rollers. Its been about two years since I had a really good crash and have been a little gun shy, but what the hell. After reading how much fun she is having I got to give it a go.
So after 15min on the trainer I hop onto the rollers, a couple of good spins and away I go, It feels good, the fixie is smooth on them and I am pretty relaxed. After about 10min I figure I can test the waters and I grab a drink, a little off course but still upright. I feel good, I go one handed then I do a few one legged power spins and still all is good.
45min later and the ride is over, dam that felt good, why did I ever stop? Oh ya knocked my self out cold when I blew a tire on them.
TIP, check your tires before you get on your rollers.
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

a few more days at the park

Been spending a lot of time at Miller Park for work lately, trying to get all the bugs worked out of their Access control system that we just installed. We started to use a new software from the maker of the controllers but it seems like they let it out for use before it was really ready, so we now get to try to figure it out.
The place is really cool when you get to go behind the walls and gates. Have been up to the roof a couple of times, even walked the cat walk over the field, now that's a long way up.
Well got to go
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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bubba's Diet plan

Stopped by his work yesterday and he was eating it right out of the can
he says it good for him, OK.
The funny thing is everybody at his work makes fun of him more then I do.
So when you have lunch today tip your spoon to the new diet plan.
Got to get back to work.
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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Break Down

Well the back has been killing me for like four days now and finally today its starting to feel better. Got up to read the paper and got a call from Candy, they spent the night in the flat land and asked if I could let the dogs out, no problem so off I go, spend some time with the pooch's and get back home before I have to leave again for a meeting at the bike shop.
So off I go, sit though the meeting and not much to it, half way though John says he just ordered a 2006 5200 from Trek and he got it in a 54cm, wow that's my size, that doesn't happen to often as a 54 is not that popular of a size to have around the shop in that kind of bike, normally is like a 56 or 58, but as I sold my road frame at the swap I need a new bike and this just seemed to fall in to my lap. It came with the race lite fork not the race like its spec'ed with so that's a plus.
So now I just have to break it to the wife, "but honey I got a really good deal". I'm going to pay for this one.
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Saturday, January 13, 2007

A day in Mad town.

Got up to look out my window to see the Parker family minus Greg looking in the front door, "OH Shit" time to go, turned the key and we were gone. A short ride west and we got to mad town with a little time to spare, it was like perfect timing to get into line in a good spot, stood around for like 20 min and we were in. A lot of shit but some really good deals to.
The only two things I went to look for were pedals and maybe a HID light but I figured the HID was out of my price range on the first go round. So I start the second round, look at some good stuff but not much I really needed, I stop by one table and some guy is still putting stuff out, I see a light and ask "Is it HID ?" he looked at me and says " for 100.00 I don't think so but its not mine I"m selling it for a friend" Well it was and I didn't get it for 100.00 I got it for 80.00 plus I also got a second light head with the wide angle bulb. So in the end I got like 700.00 worth of lights for 80.00 bucks.
I spent a couple more hours there and got rid of some of my parts and my road frame, got some cool Oakley shoes and a BKB water bottle. O and I can't forget the buy well walking out the door of some glasses for 20.00, they should match the new team kit for this year.
It was also good to see a lot of the people that you really only get to see at the races and some people who used to race but have moved onto other things.
Well got to go.
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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

in full swing

Called the shop and got one of these ordered today for the basement work out area. So I hope it should be here in like a week or so, Erica is really looking forward to it also because shes not a huge fan of the bike.
I started the program I have laid out for the race year tonight and I am really looking forward to it as work has been a bitch as of late. Not that were real busy but its just a pain when nothing works ,our access control company decided to come out with a new software revison for our panels, but they put it out before they got all the bugs worked out, so its like a battle to get systems to work and when we do you have to spend five hours on the phone with tech service to make it sucks.
Rode for around 45min tonight, start of the new program, after I spent 20min doing sit-ups and a little yoga and some stuff with the power ball. I'm hoping this will help the back for the season.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007


Well after having it for almost a year I sat down and loaded like 1000 songs to my Ipod over the last week, I was having some trouble with Itunes but a few phone calls to Microsoft I uninstalled it and reloaded it and like magic it works.
So as you can see I have not been on the bike since Tess was born, so the plan is to start the training next week. I have the plan all laid out now that's all I have to do is stick to it.
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