Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Getting better

Things are better all around. The mountain bike is getting all dialed in. Took it out again on Saturday and things all worked great until I got a slow leak in the front tire, babied it home but still got a good 2 1/2 hours in.
Sunday hit up the shop ride and ended up with a good turn out with about 10 strong, did the 23.5 mile loop in 1:26, not bad for a recovery ride. We got about 3/4 of the way though the ride and then everyone started to get antsy, Karrie started of the stop ahead attacks and it was on from there. I would say we went about 6 miles with attack after attack until about 2 miles to go when we all settled back down for the spin back to the shop.
All in all it was a great weekend even know Erica had to work. Thanks to Nana and Papa(my Mom and Dad) for taking Tess for Sunday morning so I could get to the ride.
Did the lunch ride again yesterday and it was awesome outside, thinking about it again today if I can stay in between the rain drops that are coming down right now.
See Yaaaaaaaaaa..........................

Friday, April 18, 2008

GOAL................ Two of them

Weight goal #1 reached. Bike all put together and got out on the dirt. So that makes another two a day as I also road the road at lunch.
The only problem right now is after the first dirt ride the shoulder is killing me. Lets hope this is only because of the first dirt ride.

See Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...............................................

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Part of my mind is made up

So this is how the day started, staring at this thing trying to figure out what to do.
Between last night and this morning I made a small step as I figured out I won't be racing single speed in WORS or for the fat tire 40, so what will that mean?
It means the Ferrous gets it first set of gears in two years. X9 all the way around, I really wanted to go with the XO but I do have diapers to buy. So the only thing left is the front derailer,
I am going to have to order one as our shop has none and none of the local shops have one either.
I also upgraded the saddle,pedals and bar ends.
So as it sits right now it will be a 2x9 ridged ass kicker(my ass).
All thats left then is the cables and the front derailer.
See Yaaaa........................

Saturday, April 12, 2008

One more piece of the puzzle

One more piece of the puzzle was picked up today,I have been looking into these for awhile and last week I dropped the bills for them. I have been riding SIDI's for the last couple of years but have been waiting for a carbon sole, and look what came out this year.the great part is even the carbon is replaceable.
So all the pieces are together for the year, now I just have to figure out what class I'm going to race this year, singleseed, Clyd or age group? So what do you think? Any help would be great.
Now the weather, rain all day well at the bike shop wasn't that bad but I really need to get out and get a good ride in. The trainer is getting old.
Well its getting late and I need a good nights sleep for once. Soooooooooooo....................
SEE YAA................................................

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Thats right 1lbs from my first goal of 210, yep thats right 31lbs. The diet has been working and the food has been great, haven't cheated once and I think thats the goal. Last week was a full week of riding, yep seven days straight every day. Then we come to this week and I haven't got a ride in yet.
Work have been a load this week and next week will be the same but I hope to get out tomorrow and Friday.
Got the power tap back and holy shit, they replaced everything even the head units and wiring harness, what a great company. So I will hopefully have a update on that in the next few days.
Short post today but its better then Bubba just cutting and pasting some ones else's stuff on his blog.(After awhile I was starting to think that picture was Bubba)

SEE YAAAAAAAAAAAA.............................

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Road Ride 4/6/08

Sunday 10:00 am
Place Extreme ski and bike
Pace No DROP
Course mostly flat
Length 1 hour 30 min

Come one come all