Monday, July 28, 2008

RIP my good friend

After a long day of worry and some tears of pain we had to put Max to sleep today. A very hard decision after his long life. It was something I never really thought about as he just kept going no matter what his age was but after this weekend all the signs were there.
For those of you who never met him you missed a very loving dog, never a bite or a nip(unless you were a dog and tried to take his bone) and he loved kids almost to a fault.
A better dog you could have never asked for.
All of you that have pets and have ever had to do this you know how it feels, as I sit here I look around for him to see if he need to go out not realizing he's gone, now comes the hard part with putting all his stuff away.

My friend when it is my time to go I hope you are waiting for me at the gates with a ball to play and a leash for a walk.

You will be missed by us all.


vegan said...

We're so sorry to hear about Max. I know how bad that sucks.

sugs said...

For such a big beast, he was always as gentle as could be and great with Tess. This time is always hard. When the time comes, he'll come back a little in your next dog.

Big Dale said...

Sorry about your loss my friend. Never an easy thing to have to do.