Thursday, July 03, 2008


Well we left Tuesday morning to head up to Eau Claire. we figured Erica's family lives up there so we'll make a week of it. The drive was great, a couple of stops to`shop at the outlet malls and the next thing I knew we where here. The weather up here has been great, mid 70's and a nice wind to make it feel great. Hit up the race trail yesterday and the trail is great. There are a couple of places of some wicked sand that will grab the front wheel but the rest of it is dry and fast.
I spent some time today changing the fork out on the bike back to my shock, after last week at the ridge the shoulder has had be still hurting so................... the shock goes back on.
I not quite sure I rode the total right trail as its not marked yet but I know I got to ride a lot of it.
I don't remember there being so many log crossing in the race last year but just another reason for the fork change.
Today we went to a really cool museum about logging in the local are and another museum about Indians from the area. It was fun Tess had a good time until nap time caught up with her.
Well thats about all for now, I just sitting here watching the Blue Collarcomedy tour and eating sour patch extreme candy, now I feel like Jay, you know you just can't have one.

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