Friday, July 11, 2008

Crazy week

The week went by quick with not working Monday so it was like putting 20lbs of sh*t in a five lbs bag but I got most of it done. This is the busy time of the year for our company so all my field guys are now going onto five day weeks. Normally they work four tens but as the work load gets bigger so the days get longer. What that mean for riding, well it means the bike gets put in the work truck with a change of riding stuff and I will get on it when I can.
I got a call from my Mom last week saying my Dad is going to have eye surgery because the found cateracks in both his eye, so Tuesday he went in and got the first on done and all is well, talked to Mom and him yesterday and I guess he can now see better out of the eye they just did so thats good.
Then I find out my niece goes in got surgery today to have her ankle fixed. Shes a baseball player and she slid into a base and screwed up her ankle up, the doctor they went to said its OK just some tendon damage just let it heal for six weeks well not so much. There going in to break her tib/fib add like three screws and re attach the tendons "IF" they can. So shes heart broken because shes out for the rest of the season but shes taking pretty good. So I hope all goes well with that.
Dropped the power tap off at Russ's last night to get it re laced THANKS RUSS. It keeps popping
spokes and its driving me crazy to have to keep re truing it.
Other then that I think Tess has hit the terrible twos early, the last week she has got into everything along with putting a scratch in the plasma t.v. and just about killing one of the cats, and were talking about another one?????? All in all shes pretty good and the words are coming fast and loud (what would you expect she is mine). The best one so far is the statement OHHH NOOO with such conviction, its had not to laugh its so funny.
So my weekend is set a Erica has to work all weekend so I will be playing Mister Mom, got to figure out some stuff to do so we not in the house all day, maybe the museum... the Zoo out since its going to be like 95 tomorrow. We will see.
Well go to get some stuff done.
See Yaa.............

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sugs said...

"and were talking about another one??????"

You're getting another cat...why?

Hope things workout well for your pops and niece!