Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ridge Racin

Had fun at the ridge last night, finished two of the three laps of the course as the shoulder couldn't take any more pounding. Most of the course is in good shape but there is still standing water at the bottom of the start hill and sections of peanut butter mud in like four spots.
We ran the WEMS race course last night and I have to say it really felt like a long lap and I wasn't the only one who thought that. We ran a lot of the south west side of the single track backwards and for me it sucked, I can never get any flow in that section anyways but then do it backwards and it twice as bad.
We heard the Ty is thinking about running the downhill switchbacks in reverse, YES more climbing. It would be nice if the course is set by next Wed. night for the race as I would bet the turn out will be big with people who want to ride the lap early.
The bad part is rain is in the forecast for this weekend and next, lets keep our fingers crossed that that changes.
Got some great news from my Mom the other day about my Dad, the first eye surgery was success and the doctor moved up the other surgery to the first of the month, thats great as it was unforeseen how it was going to go. Now their telling him if the second one goes as good as the first he my not even need his glasses anymore, wow, who would of thunk it.
Got a update on my niece too, the surgery took about two hours longer then they said as there was a lot more damage then they figured, it all went well but she had trouble dealing the the meds. so she had to spend the night in the hospital. The next day they had her up and walking with crutches but she said the foot just didn't feel right but they just figured it was from the swelling so she got to home. The next day she ended back it the doctors office because she couldn't stand the pain, off comes the cast to find out it was to tight, so a new cast hand she feels a ton better.
So this weekend will be fun as Erica and I are off, a fun weekend with Tess will be had.
See Yaa..................

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