Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Wednesday No Sunday

As the title says I'm out for the racing at the ridge Wednesday and the Sunday WORS race.
Works is ball to the walls as of late and I will be in early and out late the next couple of day as I will be showing one of the office guys how to do one off my jobs they took off my plate. But as you know if your job gets easier it won't be for long, well one day to be exact and I got more stuff added to my title, not much but about another 5 to 10 hours a week of field time to keep my eye on things.
At first I was not very happy about this but after a couple of days its taken hold and rolled in my everyday list of things to do.
For Sunday it looks like we will be up north at my folks place for the weekend, we have been trying to get up there for the last two months but we just couldn't find the time until this weekend. Its a hard choice but Erica really wants to go and after this week with work I think I need some time away and the folks place is just the ticket.
As a added side note, anyone that reads this think looking for a job? My company is looking for a installers. Do you have experience installing cctv ,alarm or access control system or are you good with tools and have some electronics background? We could be looking for you.
Ok back to everything else.... Had a great weekend really doing nothing. Went for dinner with the Sug's and got my sushi fix, caught up with all the tour stages

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Mad Trix said...

Mark from Extreme just might be looking.