Monday, August 04, 2008

24-9 Weekend

Wow what a weekend, 5 hours of sleep and I didn't even race.Had a great weekend with Rob and Candy the Wife and Tess. The weather could not have been better seeing what we have today it could have been worse.
The Sugs(both of them) pulled off a great race, cause at 1am they where in 12th place and by 7am they had moved to 4th even with Rob meeting with the ground a few times.
Times were pretty close every lap and they looked good for the hole 24 hours.
Its weird being support and not racing but it was still fun. Got to see a lot more of things going on and I was a lot more busy then I figured I would be. The hardest part was washing bikes at 4:30am with nothing but a l.e.d head lamp on but all in all it was a fun time.
I also got to see what trouble the timing systems ended up to be for the racers was. The system is a sound idea as I work with RFID for my job but it was all set up wrong in my eyes, instead of three readers they could have used a portal(larger read range) or a double read systems. That way you wouldn't of had to scan your card but I guess it all worked out in the end. The live updates were cool as we could see lap times from all the teams while sitting in the screen tent.
So as I sit at my desk I'm still tired cause I didn't go right to be, I fixed our TV so all the components are know in the bedroom and the only thing you see in the front room id the flat screen, it kind of cool, I got a IR router to move the signal from the front room to the bedroom and it works great and cleans up the room, and know Tess can't kiss the TV any more.
Well I should get back to work, Man I need a nap.
See YAAA...............
will load pictures from 24/9 later.


sugs said...

THANKS RANDY!!! Your (including Erica & Tess) support was amazing. My bike has never been so clean or washed so often! You saved me (but not my knee or elbow) with having a light for me to use after my HUGE MISTAKE of leaving my helmet lamp at home. Candy & I cannot thank you enough. 4th place, racing against all guy teams, is not bad in my mind; we could not have done it without your help! Thanks again!


bubba said...

Ditto from Meg and I......

That was awesome.

I'm just glad I got your suspension fork before Sugs. HA!

sugs said... the case of the fork, I guess the best man won and you can call me Forrest! Besides, I didn't need no stinking suspension fork or gears anyway.