Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Great weekend

Even know I wasn't able to get any riding in it was a good weekend. Spent a ton of time with Tess, its hard to believe shes almost two years old, wow has that time gone fast.
We were going to go down to see Candy and Lynn do their Tri but were not sure if we would make it back in time for Erica to get to work but it sounds like all the girls did well, Congrats.
Looks like the week is going to be another full one, jobs are backing up so it time to do some interviewing again. Its not that I hate doing them they just take time that I don't have right know but we need a couple more people to fill our gaps.
Last night was a great night..... NOT....I spent my night in the office till nine trying to play catch up with paperwork since I've been in the field a bunch. The fun part was Erica and Tess came with, it always funny to watch Tess run around the shop like she owns the place. Erica was in shock that she knew right where my office was and how she loves the stock room, it was funny.
Now to the bike stuff, I will try to race on Wed. at the ridge as my fat ass really needs it, I plan on bringing the road bike back to the office so I can stat to ride at lunch again but I haven't even got the tire and cassette back on from when Russ worked on it, so i will plan on doing that tonight after Tess falls asleep.
Looking ahead the weekend looks good, Erica and I are both off so maybe I can get some riding in. Sundays shop ride is a for sure and well have to see about Saturday as I know we really need to clean the garage and basement but who knows. Oh plus we have to get together with the Hoffmans as we haven't seen them in ever and a year.

well got to go
See Yaa.........

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