Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lunch ride

Good ride today, hit the loop counter clock wise today so that meant a cadence hill day in the saddle. left the shop and looked up to see the flag hanging straight down, well that means no wind, ya right I should know better then that.
The ride out was fine really no wind until I got to the south side of the airport and then the cross wind came, that made the legs burn but all in all it was a good ride. tomorrow their calling for snow, What the "#@*&" so I guess the cross bike is coming with me to work tomorrow.
Got kind of boarded last night so I figured I take a walk though the Steal and Hock it show, seen some old faces but really just went there to kill sometime with Tess and it worked well, soon as we walk in she was sound asleep in the Kelty carrier, made it though the hole show with out one peep.
Diet is going well and I'll have a update on the weight next week. I find it kind of funny how on this diet I'm never hungry but on the ones in the past I was starving. Makes you go HMMMMMMM.
See YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.....................

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Russell said...

Way to go, FAT ASS!