Monday, March 10, 2008

Crap,Crap and more Crap

Thats what this hole weekend was. My plan was to ride this weekend but that was not to happen, I am in the same boat as the TOOL, but my stomach problems have been with me for over a week, they seem to get better but this weekend came back full speed. So I spent Sat. out with the wife and the baby till the wife had to work and then it was just me and Tess, it was fun we played, napped and played some more before we had to pick up mom from work.
We did pick up a new chest freezer for the basement, with all the new foods(trying to eat healthy) we are running out of room in the kitchen fast, plus Pick and Save had great deals on chicken this weekend so we stocked up.
Yesterday was just a Fu@k story, I got woken up at 3am, well I thought it was 3 it was really 4am all because of this stupid time change. The access control systems we put in get all their times from the networks their on, but we have like 100 customers that has stand alone systems that aren't on networks. So with all this stupid time change shit the government has pulled the calenders are off and the daylight savings change never took place. Great, so I get to field calls at 3am sorry 4am to try to tell people we will get right on it.
Now I'm up and I can't get back to sleep, I read a little mountain bike action and I hear "WAAAAAAAAA" SHIT! Yep Tess woke up 4:30am so I pick her up and walk around the house for awhile and shes back of to lala land, to bed I go. 5:30am "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" yep shes back up, now Erica gets up and brings her to our bed, O GREAT, for some reason my daughter thinks my pillow is hers and all hers but Erica holds her till shes asleep , ya for me.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" now its 6:30am I take her from Erica so she can get some sleep, out goes the lights and were back in lala land till like 7:15 and now she wants up and its play time,great.............. Erica gets up and takes her into the front room for breakfast and to watch her favorite show PEEP (it real cute) and off to sleep I go, I wake up and its like 9am(Really 10am), Tess is back in bed and trying to wake me up. OK OK I'm up, lets go do something. Remember what I said about time change, Well our car clock is the same way, so for like the first three hours I was a hour off.
So Today is the same way, the clock right outside of my office was a hour off for half the day until someone just changed it, Shit I'm back off a hour again. I try to plan my day out so I don't get screwed at the end of the day, Well????????????????
I thing I'm just going home early.
See Yaaaaaaaaa..........................................

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bmxmtbfam said...

thats why you create routines in the server to make those changes for you