Thursday, March 27, 2008

The count down

Ha all'
The week has been slow but the bike has been more fun every day, got out again everyday but today as I has a bunch of stuff to do for work. The new diet is going great, after putting a little back on from the old diet I'm back down to 214 lbs, this is looking good for starting the race season under 200lbs.
On the bike front, I switched out the stock bars on the road bike for some of the new ergo bars(the ones with the flat tops) and have fallen in love with them, the ride just seems better and the hands really feel better. I also sent the powertap in today, ya I know it only been like a month since I talked about it but at least it went out.
On the mountain bike front, the green machine will be seeing gears for the first time since its birth, I really want to she what it will feel like with gears, I still am up in the air if I will race single in Wors but I am for sure riding gears in the 40 this year.
So otherwise things have been well, the family is good and work well its work and I need to get back to it.
SEE YAAAAAAAAAAA.........................................

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Russell said...

Say it with me everyone -

Way to go, FAT ASS!