Monday, January 29, 2007

Bad day at work,

Good day on the trainers, After doing taxes and venting after my shitty day at work I got onto the bike and figured its about time I get back on the rollers. Its been about two years since I had a really good crash and have been a little gun shy, but what the hell. After reading how much fun she is having I got to give it a go.
So after 15min on the trainer I hop onto the rollers, a couple of good spins and away I go, It feels good, the fixie is smooth on them and I am pretty relaxed. After about 10min I figure I can test the waters and I grab a drink, a little off course but still upright. I feel good, I go one handed then I do a few one legged power spins and still all is good.
45min later and the ride is over, dam that felt good, why did I ever stop? Oh ya knocked my self out cold when I blew a tire on them.
TIP, check your tires before you get on your rollers.
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Russell said...

Yeah - you training.