Tuesday, January 09, 2007

in full swing

Called the shop and got one of these ordered today for the basement work out area. So I hope it should be here in like a week or so, Erica is really looking forward to it also because shes not a huge fan of the bike.
I started the program I have laid out for the race year tonight and I am really looking forward to it as work has been a bitch as of late. Not that were real busy but its just a pain when nothing works ,our access control company decided to come out with a new software revison for our panels, but they put it out before they got all the bugs worked out, so its like a battle to get systems to work and when we do you have to spend five hours on the phone with tech service to make it work.it sucks.
Rode for around 45min tonight, start of the new program, after I spent 20min doing sit-ups and a little yoga and some stuff with the power ball. I'm hoping this will help the back for the season.

See Yaaa


sugs said...

I rode my bike, Hoyt/Harley loop and ate some yoga-urt. I won't mention my powerballs.

sugs said...

Was Tessa already band from the computer because she was home late for curfew? If not she's more like her Dad than we hoped as she has'nt updated her blog in a while.

Anonymous said...

You eat how many power bar when you got done???????

Russell said...

That looks like a nice elliptical machine - I bet you can hang a lot of laundry on that thing.

SugsCandy said...

Hey Randy, My cold is almost gone. We'll be over to visit you three soon. I ran into your Dad this past weekend at the Lisbon Cafe. He is such a proud Grandpa! He talked enjoying and being able to babysit for Tessa when you and Erica went to your work party.
Miss ya'll, but see you soon.