Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Break Down

Well the back has been killing me for like four days now and finally today its starting to feel better. Got up to read the paper and got a call from Candy, they spent the night in the flat land and asked if I could let the dogs out, no problem so off I go, spend some time with the pooch's and get back home before I have to leave again for a meeting at the bike shop.
So off I go, sit though the meeting and not much to it, half way though John says he just ordered a 2006 5200 from Trek and he got it in a 54cm, wow that's my size, that doesn't happen to often as a 54 is not that popular of a size to have around the shop in that kind of bike, normally is like a 56 or 58, but as I sold my road frame at the swap I need a new bike and this just seemed to fall in to my lap. It came with the race lite fork not the race like its spec'ed with so that's a plus.
So now I just have to break it to the wife, "but honey I got a really good deal". I'm going to pay for this one.
See yaaaaaaa.


SugsCandy said...

Nice ride! Hey, while you were at it, ya should a got one for me and da sugs too. Oh, and thanks again for lettin Buster and Wylie out today. We'll be bringing din din over tomorrow if that sounds good to you.

Russell said...

Let us know how much nicer that bike is to push up the hills than your old one.

Anonymous said...

I think that was Mike G's bike

CE out
end transmission