Saturday, January 13, 2007

A day in Mad town.

Got up to look out my window to see the Parker family minus Greg looking in the front door, "OH Shit" time to go, turned the key and we were gone. A short ride west and we got to mad town with a little time to spare, it was like perfect timing to get into line in a good spot, stood around for like 20 min and we were in. A lot of shit but some really good deals to.
The only two things I went to look for were pedals and maybe a HID light but I figured the HID was out of my price range on the first go round. So I start the second round, look at some good stuff but not much I really needed, I stop by one table and some guy is still putting stuff out, I see a light and ask "Is it HID ?" he looked at me and says " for 100.00 I don't think so but its not mine I"m selling it for a friend" Well it was and I didn't get it for 100.00 I got it for 80.00 plus I also got a second light head with the wide angle bulb. So in the end I got like 700.00 worth of lights for 80.00 bucks.
I spent a couple more hours there and got rid of some of my parts and my road frame, got some cool Oakley shoes and a BKB water bottle. O and I can't forget the buy well walking out the door of some glasses for 20.00, they should match the new team kit for this year.
It was also good to see a lot of the people that you really only get to see at the races and some people who used to race but have moved onto other things.
Well got to go.
See Yaa.......................

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