Wednesday, January 17, 2007

a few more days at the park

Been spending a lot of time at Miller Park for work lately, trying to get all the bugs worked out of their Access control system that we just installed. We started to use a new software from the maker of the controllers but it seems like they let it out for use before it was really ready, so we now get to try to figure it out.
The place is really cool when you get to go behind the walls and gates. Have been up to the roof a couple of times, even walked the cat walk over the field, now that's a long way up.
Well got to go
See Yaa..............


Ullag said...

Enough about you... what's up with Tessa?
Has she packed her bags and moved out already?

SugsCandy said...

Hello, Randy? Where are you guys? U should have plenty of time to post, since the neices are over for the weekend.