Friday, January 04, 2008

What a year already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well what can I say, ya its be awhile but thing have been a train wreck as of late.
Christmas went well with making the rounds to three different houses and trying to keep Tess happy and content all the while. So we then plan for a New Years party with the Timm's on Monday night. Friday Tess starts pulling on her ears, yep ear infection, we head to the walk in clinic and as we though she has one, not bad but anyway . By Sunday Tess gets more sick, not bad but bad enough, all Monday Erica's calling me and I'm calling her"how is she, is her temp up?". Things seem good, a little temp but nothing to worry about. I get home and off we go to the Timm's , we walk in and John calls Tess over for her birthday present.......................... a pink TREK trikster , how cool is that. As soon as we found out we were having a girl I told Erica I was getting one of those and now thanks to the Timm's we have one and she loves it.She still need to grow some to fit it but she loves it never the less.
We all sit around and are shootin the shit and Erica says "she seem hot" O great, check the temp and its 101.1 not bad, get the motrin and give her some. 10 min later check her temp again and it 102.2, yep time to go, one more time on the way to the car and its 103.5 and to the hospital we go.
Hit the front doors of Elm Brook and Erica says I think somethings wrong and she was right, what was wrong was everything Tess had to eat for the past two hours including the meds we gave her were now all over Erica and her coat( that was sick even for me I can't believe Erica didn't heave). Into the hospital and two hours later were on our way home with a new scrip for a different med. Well at least we were home for midnight.
The next morning Tess is up at the crack of dawn and she seems better and her temp is down, ThankGOD , the phone rings and the folks call to see if we want to go for breakfast and were all in for that. So before we leave we try to give Tess her meds and she wants no part of it, she spits it right out of her mouth, great $110.00 for this stuff and she can't even get it down. we figure we'll mix it with some oatmeal and she'll never know, well she knew and wanted no part of it.
So we sit at breakfast and you can just she her color changing and you can feel the heat coming off of her. Check her temp.... 104.8 and we are off the the hospital again, this time we were only 1.8 miles away, get her in and her temp is now 105.0 and they get some different meds in her and we are now on antibiotic number three and $250.00 later in meds she is finally on the mend.
So what did we learn from this, if she looks sick she is, if she is sick stay home or even if she looks sick and thanks God for HSA's and good medical insurance.
Four days later and she finally slept though the night last night ans Erica and I finally got some sleep too. I do have to say I got more sleep then she did as she spent most of the nights up with Tess cause she was off all week. Thanks Erica.

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