Friday, January 25, 2008

And were"BACK" to this again

Same shit different day, so the diet is going great(well good) and now this shit. the back has been hurting for a couple of weeks but nothing I can't stand( with some pain pills) but this morning it went over the top.
So I look up my Doc in our new insurance to find out he not in our plan, SHIT, so now I have to go see a new guy at 11am to see what he can do. This guy is more of a sports guy so I hope this will help.
I hate this crap, I finally am starting to feel good after the shoulder injury and now my back goes out, WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!
Well thats my rant.


sugs said...

Don't keep us in suspense, whatd the doc say?

Lose weight?

SugsCandy said...

Hey you two! Thanks again for the wonderful anniversary gift, We're gonna theme the rest of the album the same way. We'll show you the next time ya stop in.

bubba said...

An O-ring blowout of the "taint" can be easily mis-diagnosed as a herniated disc....better get a second opinion.