Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Yes it is true, As of last Friday I have started my diet for the 2008 race season. After taking
most of the 2007 season off I really want to go into the season feeling my best and lighter.
So I started the six meal a day plan, six smaller meals a day and no food after 9pm. So far its OK and I don't seen to be having a problem with food but kicking Coke (Soda) is the pits. After four days the slump of no caffeine is a lot better and my energy is coming back up.
Tonight starts the work out on the exercise stuff in the basement and some weights. I gave myself five days from the start of the diet to be off the bike cause I figured my energy would be in the shitter and plus Erica's off tomorrow so she can watch Tess when I'm in the basement.
The goal is 25lbs by the first race of WORS, that would put me around 190lbs and that should help with the hills. So we'll see.
Hope to see a lot of you at the swap on Saturday.
See Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa


sugs said...

Let's get a pool going on your success...my call is that you'll gain 5 lbs by the first race of the season. That is unless you accidentally cut off an arm before then...then I'm with you, that you'll lose 25 lbs.

kenny said...

I have the same goal, good luck

sugs said...

Kenny...to gain 5 lbs or cut off your arm?

Okay, good luck even if it's not one of those two items.

Josh said...

lose lbs

Mitch Man said...

Good for it.....Cals in equal Cals out. You can do it!

Anonymous said...

Isn't 6 meals a day how you got to where you are today?

Just so you know, you are the winner in the "Most spectacular crash Coop witnessed contest 2007" and for it you get nothing,sorry.