Thursday, December 13, 2007

Now or never

Yes I am going to try to return to the bike, well the trainer at least, I hope to get the basement cleaned up this weekend and get things started. The shoulder feels better day by day and all the pain when I sleep on it is gone. Its still a little tender if I push it to much (like shoveling) but I can't wait any longer to get on the bike.
I also want to get out on the CC skis but am trying to figure out if I can do it with the Kelty kid carrier on my back to take Tess with. I know she would love it I just know if I would.
Other wise the week is OK, Erica got the tree done and it looks great and Tess seems to be OK with it, she likes the stuff on it more then the tree itself.
We went to see SANTA last night at St. Joe's hospital for the NICU babies, it was a fun time and the best was Tess never cried when see was with Santa. I'll try to post the pictures tonight when I get home from Erica's parents house(we got invited for dinner).
SEE YAAAAAAA.................................................

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