Thursday, April 06, 2006

Alittle more time in the saddle

felt great as of late to be able to get some much needed time on the bike. Candy and I road today and yesterday and had a great time both days, yesterday we were on the road bikes and decided to go out to crystal ridge and back, well we turned around on beloit rd as it was starting to get dark and neither one of us had lights. We put in about 25.8 miles and it felt real good as it was the first time the road bike has seen pavement all year.
Today we took out the mountain bikes, we started at the dog park and did two short laps then headed over to hoyt and to our surprise it was dry as a bone, acouple of trees down but good to go. We then did the west loop and it was too dry but alot of land has given up the fight and feel into the river so a little rework of the trail will be in order.
We scoped out the trails along the parkway and it will be awile for those but lest all hope for some dry weather next week.
The legs felt kind of strange today, alittle tired but still had good power, so I'm tension it was just the change of bikes. Still running the 15 in the back for acouple more weeks unless I get more trail time in then I think i'm going to goto the 16 just for climbing.
I added some pics form the road ride Candy and I took, I found my small camera and its memory card so I can take it with me on rides .
Well it's time to go
SEE YA..........................

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