Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Had a ride with the Bubster and both losers (Megatron and A'Bomb) along with the Tool, rode the MTB's in hoyt and then over to the dog park and the county grounds. I have a feeling none really liked the county grounds that much but the hills got A'Bomb to close her yaper a little.
I love riding the county grounds because most of the time its dry even when a lot of the other trails are wet and its a good speed run, a run in hoyt then to the dog park, ride the outer loop on the county grounds back to hoyt and then home, its a good test for me .
Two real funny things happened on the ride, first Megatron (on the mtb for the first time this year) couldn't get clipped into her pedals so that was like 5 mins of her almost fallen off her bike trying to get clipped in, then on the way home I ride past a guy on his bike with a laptop on his bars,open(no shit) and talking on his cell phone, I thing it was the funniest thing I've seen in awhile.
Going to try to hit the kettles this weekend as I'm not really up for the beatdown that would be given to me on the Holy Hell ride.
SEE YA...............................

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sugs said...

Dude musta been a "blogger" like the rest of you...