Wednesday, April 26, 2006


That is what I heard Russall say right after we heard a big" POP" come out of Keith's mouth.
That's right ladies and gents the big man went pop like a cheap bottle of the bubbly on new years eve.
The ride was great and I felt really good after the first lap, really I felt my best on the last lap when Jay turned it up alittle, I had much better control and flow and my power felt good.
So lets hope I can hold it for the season.
Went out for some raw fish after with the Tool, Sug and his #1, Liz and Rick. It really hit the spot .
SEE YA...................................


Jim G said...

Are you talking about the pre-ride or the warm up laps around the parking lot?

It is always best to start the smack talk before the season. Then you can talk about how you peaked to soon once the timing starts.

SugsCandy said...

That was a fun time, The best part was the sushi, of course :)

sugs said...

The bubster held his cork in pretty well at the beatdown ta night. Nice work there bubba.

bubba said...

I'm not the big man. This is the real bigman.
Go to videos and click on bat day.

Jim G said...

Was that post about the Sushi bar or riding. Becausr I bet Randy made the podium at the Sushi bar.