Sunday, March 05, 2006

2nd ride outside of the winter

Had a good ride today with Candy,Rob,Russ and Bubba, rode for around a hour and then had to cut out. It was weird today, the bike felt like some thing was wrong, I haven't ridden it since I overhauled it about 4 weeks ago. We got out for a little and I had to shift the placement of the bars, then the air in the tires and I'm still havin problems with the new brakes, I just can't get them to stop rubbin, there fine on the stand but as soon as I get them outside they start to rub. But all and all it was a good ride.
Spent the rest of the day gettin the house finished and doin odds and ends.
Went out to eat with my folks,grandma and my two nieces. My youngest niece was just given the national honor awarded for grade school students so my folks took us all out to dinner. Now don't get me wrong I love my family(well most of them) but I'm glad it was just dinner, I can only take so much and two hours is about just enough time .
As I'm sittin at the computer the dog and cat are running around the house like mad, so I thought I'd post a picture when they seem to be best friends, if you look close the cat is under the dogs paw.
SEE YA..............................................................


Caesar Evil said...

maybe you had a flat. Ask Jimbo, he know all about flats. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

End Transmission

SugsCandy said...

no, that was me, after Randy left. Got a Big Fat Flat on smooth Golf Course (go figure) I had Jim's luck Sunday..... a little help from Da Sug and Bubba's payday wrapper and I was good to go again.

sug said...

That flat is dead, so is the we need a little help from da shop to replace it.

Caesar Evil said...

I think your dog is dead. It has not moved for a week .