Monday, January 05, 2009

Loooooooooooooong weekend

What a great long weekend. Got to spend a lot of time with Tess and Erica and get a lot of stuff we have been putting off done. We decided to switch bedrooms with Tess as she has a lot more stuff then we do, so she gets the bigger bedroom. That took most of the weekend as we didn’t rush it, just took our time getting most of it done.
I also got everything set up for the training and the diet plan. The training plan and dungeon are set and ready to go for tomorrow, the start of the secret training plan. As the diet goes, that started today and as I’ve been on this one before. I really don’t mind it, the food is good and sometimes it’s too much, as it seems I’m always eating (like right now, PB and J on a whole grain bagel).
The rest of life is just on auto pilot right now, work is slow so I’m trying to get everything caught up and ready for the busy time of year. Erica is looking for a new job right now because Target on 124th is closing for nine months to do a tear down and rebuild. She will be returning after the rebuild but she really does not want to travel to a new store for that amount of time unless she really has to.
Well that’s about all for now.
See Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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SugsCandy said...

Wow, sounds like you have been busy! Good luck on your diet and workouts. Are you planning on going to the swap meet this weekend? I was thinking we could get together afterwards for dinner at our place? We have a few gifts for you two and Tess.