Saturday, January 10, 2009

The sickness has landed

In our house when the sickness comes it comes in full force. For the last week it has run like a train, the cough is the worst because it just won't go away.
I skipped the swap today, I really wanted to go but we have been on a tight budget since we found out Erica's job is going on hold till next fall. I didn't really need anything anyway so it wasn't to bad. A few days ago my Mom said my Dad found a snowblower for us, found as in as "free"? I guess someone in their neighborhood couldn't get it to start and worked on it but then gave up and tossed it when they got a new one. So he worked on it for a couple day and then gave up, so it was my turn. Stopped over yesterday to take a look at it, plugged in the electric start and it just cranked , no fire but you could hear it try. I tinkered for awhile and then looked into the on/off switch, turned the switch back a quarter of a turn, hit the electric start and low and behold the beast comes to life and runs like a champ. I need to replace one of the rubber snow blades but it works great. So for $30.00 in parts(that I got from Ace today)I never have to shovel again(lets hope).
As i sit here Erica's at work and Tess is tearing apart the front room with all her toys. I'm going to try to get on the bike tonight after Tess goes to bed to see if I can force this shit out of my body. I tried to start the training last Saturday but I really only got about 30 min before I had to get off with a coughing fit. Well lets hope tonight goes better.
Got to go
See Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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