Monday, December 29, 2008

Welcome to the Dungeon Baby, its time for you to die.

Well it’s almost time to start the training and this year I going into it with guns a blazing.

The diet is all worked out and tonight is the time to get the basement in order for the training dungeon,

I even gone as far as getting myself a super secret coach, yes that’s right, a super secret coach that will layout my training program and help me with the issues I have had in the past. The goal is easy, sport. Yes just sport and “NO” Clyde this year just plain old age group.

The plan will be much different than in the past, as the goals have been set for almost 8 weeks and I need to stick to them, no matter what.

The bike plan is all set, a new 09’ Rig and new 09’ HiFi. One for the flat and fast, and one for the bumps and lumps. The Rig is set to go, maybe a new bar but that should be about it. The HiFi is another story, as this will be my main ride I’m taking a little more time with this one.

It lies out like this……

Frame 09’ HiFi

Fork Fox (taken from the Rig)

Wheels Sun (thanks Russ)

Stopies Hayes(thanks again)

Gears X9 all around

Cranks Bonty Xlite carbon ,running it 2x9

Stem and bars XXX stem and Xlite big sweep bars

Seat and post RXL seat on a Xlite ACC carbon post.

Grips None(I run bar tape)

So that’s the plan, well as much as I can tell you anyway. We will see, but my goals are simple and I don’t thing to far out of my reach. Now I just have to stick to it and the rest should fall into line.

See Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


MTBR said...

COOOOL... I'll see you out there, we'll both be feeling the pain this season in sport. FYI need a standover on a redline...

sugs said...

For you to train properly, you probably should go lite on the "bar tap"! Drinking beer likely is not so good for your training but if you go lite or with silver bullet (water) then it shouldn't hurt you to bad...just don't finish the barrel in less than a week.

bmxmtbfam said...

good luck with the plan, i drop some bucks at the club saturday and got a Personal Trainer for 6 months just so I can stay focused

Russell said...

Have you taken the HiFi out to see how easy it is to push up hills?

bubba said...

My hero.