Thursday, November 30, 2006

Erica's home and Tess is geeting better

Erica came home today and is doing very well, it was hard to leave Tess in the NICU
and not
bring her home with us, I guess when we started out doing this we never figured we would be home without her but we both know its all for the best.
Tess's feedings are going great and as of tonight she gets double the amount of milk and this will keep going up if she can handle it.
She came off one of the breathing machines today and got smaller tubes in her nose, just like the one adults get(just smaller) she is much happier,they also took her IV out of her hand and put it into her foot, this frees up her hands to move around and she loves this because she can now touch her face and she has found her mouth.
Erica and I would like to thank all of our family and friend for all their words of love and strength
it was because of all of you that the last week has gone so smooth.
Thanks to our Moms and Dads for being there when we need them and giving us a shoulder to cry on when we need it.
Thanks to our brothers and sisters for the support and understanding in our time of need.
And a BIG thanks to all out friends:
Rob and Candy for all the help with the house and the pets
John and Lynn for help in the hospital
and all the rest of you guys for the visits in the hospital, the words of encouragement.
Thanks to you all


Anonymous said...

Congrats Randy and Erica! Let me know if you guys need anything. She is sooo cute!

sugs said...

Future's so bright...she gotta wear shades?

Anonymous said...

Randy, Congrats. I tried calling you but some gay sounding guy named steve answered the phone???

What hospital is she at? Adeline was born at west allis hosp. and spent two weeks in their NICU before moving uptown to a swanky tosa neighborhood "childrens hospital NICU". We finally got her home 11/13 (3 mo. and 1 day after she was born).

Give me a call 414-423-0674