Friday, November 24, 2006

Day four of baby update

Not to much, still sitting in the room, Erica is doing a little better, she got her second steroid shot today and spent two hours on the monitor and she had her first contraction. She did not feel it but the monitor picked it up. She spent most of the day in bed and she's not having much fun with it, her mom came to see her today so that was a bright spot in her day.Talked with the Doc. on call and she in turn talked to our Doc. and everything is in a holding pattern, we will deliver if something changes but otherwise it will be Monday before we hear anything.
Its been long days but its all for the best.
See Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa


ksjc said...

So are you lovin the hospital grub

Russell said...

I think Ramby LOVES all grub.

Spinninmud said...

the best one star place I've ever been to

Jay said...

I hope that everything is ok and your family is our prayers. I lost 50 pounds during my stay at the hospital maybe it will work for you too.

TonyG said...

Our thoughts are with all three of you.

sugs said...

Randy, don't listen to Jay. You do not want to leave half-an-ass and half-a-leg at the hospital, no matter how fast that Jay is.

Anonymous said...

Dude, St Joe's is the place to be. Evil Jack(shit) was born there. Doctor and staff were good to us.

I hope all goes well with you and your new family.

CE out
end transmission