Monday, November 27, 2006

Baby time @ 11:59pm Sunday

Wow, what a surprise, went home to get some sleep and to get stuff done and got a call to get back to the hospital. Tess's heart rate was not changing much, just sitting around 130/135 and the doc. really didn't like that so she called it and away we went to an emergency c-section. Baby came though it fine and she was even breathing on her own but because of her size we were off to the NICU.
I got to spend some time with her well Mom got all fixed up and got some good drugs. As I waited they gave me her weight, 3lbs 14.60z and 16.75 inch's long. She got some test for how she was doing and coming around and at first it was low but within 5 min she was a 8 and that's really good for her size.
So around 2:30am Erica my parents, her parents and I got to go in and see her and she looked great, she was fusing and all. It was kind of hard because we could not hold her and that was the hard part for both of us. The nurses said the would most likely give her a breathing tube to help with her breathing but they would hold off to she if she would hold out.
So off to bed we went, up this morning to the nurses waking Erica up for Bp and pain meds and I must say she is a lot stronger then me, by 9:30am she was ready to go and see the baby and she wanted out off the bed, So back to the NICU to find out the had to put in a breathing tube to help Tess but by the time we got there she wanted no part of it and we were told if all the blood work came out good they would most likely take the tube out tonight or tomorrow morning.
Well as I type Erica is sleeping and I just came back from the NICU and Tess's blood work came out over the top and they are going to try to take her off the tube tonight, I can't wait and Erica is so excited to hold her, as Erica said "It just dose not seem real because I can't hold her".
Well I really got go I will update more tonight


mountaingoat said...

Good job.

It's all good. Zoe was the same way when she was born and went through all the same stuff. Now she's a kickass athlete and pretty smart too.

bubba said...

Your daughter took her first step toward greatness by being born on November 26.

Congrats to all of you......

Jay said...

Congrats to the 3 of you.

Russell said...

Who's the dad? Lookin' at the size of that kid there's noooooo way you are.

Tell Erica congrats.

ksjc said...

It will all fall into place. Now just start enjoying her smiles, noises and her little hands and feet. Josh was 4 pounds and spent 6 days in Nicu and now he is the tallest kid in first grade. 8 out 0f 10 on the apgar test is good

Make sure you go get Erica something nice, She did 99 percent of the work.

RonSta said...

Congrats guys!

ulla G said...


I'm thrilled for you guys.
It sounds like Tess is a fighter.
I'm sure she'll be in your arms in no time.
Cherish every second, holding your baby for the first time is the best and most overwhelming feeling in the world.
I know I'll never forget it.

TonyG said...

Shaaaaaaaaaaaawooo! Thank God that everything worked out. Although, Tess looks more like a climber and not a masher like you ;-)

Glad Erica and Tess are doing well.

Congrads Dad!

sugs said...

bubba, we'll have to check the clock on that one; I think this kid is smarter than that.

da other kids said...

O.K., now the important stuff...the Jennings dog, three cats and dozens of fish are all doing fine. We are eagerly waiting to meet our new sister. We also wanted to know if it was possible to just have Tess come home as we are enjoying da good life wit da sugs.

Congratulations Erica and Randy from your other kids.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Erica and Randy. She is adorable!!

My sister works at St. Joes in labor and delivery/NCIU. She will be working tonight, I told her to stop in and say HI...


Jim G said...

Congrats. I bet Erica is bummed that she doesn't have to go through the 9th month.

Our twins were incubamatatamated and they turned out kind of okay. I think when they finish cooking in the incubator they get superhuman speed and strength in the deal.

The cool thing was after being under the bright lights and constantly hassled and poked, when they got home they pretty much slept through the night and have ever since.

You might want to hang on to that oxygen tube, bro.

Anonymous said...

She's adorable! I'm so happy for you guys and can't wait to meet my niece!


Anonymous said...

all my best to your new family.

Caesar Evil
end transmission

vegan said...

Congratulations! Tess probably just wanted to come out early so she can play with Christopher. Christopher kept trying to come out early so my little guy is probably jealous that she was successful.

I have lots of little blue outfits he finally grew out of it you get desperate for clothes.

Tom K said...

Congrats. I'm sure with her being so early you guys must be nervous wrecks. My little cousin was 4 lbs, don't know how early. She pretty healthy now, although she may be the spawn of satan.

Hope mom and Tess are home soon.