Thursday, November 23, 2006

count down to baby time

Well sorry for the slow updates but things have been a little tough the last couple of days.
Tuesday we had a Doc. check up and it didn't go well, her tests showed she was high in protein, now for racers that works well but in a pregnant woman that not good.
So we were off to St. Joe's for some tests because we would not have got them back quick enough from the lab. So off we go, we thought we would be there for a few hours, a few hours turned into a few days a few days now will be until the baby is born.
We thought we were going to have her tomorrow but their going to leave her in mommy a little longer. Her BP is up and she is in the first stages of pre-aclampcia(Yes that's spelled wrong) so today the doc. started steroids to help the lungs and brains grow faster.
We got a really cool 4D scan of the baby and got to see her face, I will scan a picture later, that was so cool to see her before shes born.
So things are up in the air for now and we are living day to day in her room and just waiting for the baby to come.
I'll try to get another post out in the next couple of days for a update.

see yaaaaaaaaaaa

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