Friday, July 14, 2006

Two new baby's in the house

No its not what you think,its not twins. We went to the doctor on wed. And got to see the baby for the first time, it was something I will never forget. I still am felling like I'm on a cloud about this thing but seeing Smooly(the baby's nickname until its born) made every thing clear and right up front. That really made our day and week.
Then I got the call the Trek shipped my bike and it was at the shop, three days, talk about service I went to the shop and put it all together and it is sweet, as you can see its not purple but that's ok it looks really good in black. I'm still waiting for the new carbon stem and new carbon seat post that broke when the frame. I want to thank "The TOOL" for building me some "KILLER" new wheels and John and Karrie for helping get me a new frame so fast, also check out the new Xlite fork. As it sits right now it weights 23.6 lbs and that's with a alum. stem and post.
I also get to go to the ear doc. tomarrow(well today), the ear feels a lot better and the ringing is all but gone, the hearing is not any better but as long as the ringing gone I can deal with it.
well got to get some sleep.


Russell said...

So how's my baby's mama?

bubba said...

That's a good lookin' kid.....looks nothing like you.

And I thought there was a 240 lb weight limit on that fork??????

Jim G said...

Don't worry, only the most viral of men have twins. Having one is pretty cool too, I guess. Let us know when it is out of the larval stage.

If you get that ear fixed, will you start using your "inside voice" instead of your "outside voice?" I want you to know I am praying for you.

Cooop said...

Bad hearing must also affect your ability to use spell-check.

sugs said...

The "mad" would have passed thru spell-check with no problem and "made" would not have been as funny! What a way for a parent to react to pic's of their new baby.

tosacrosser said...

I can't believe they let you procreate.