Sunday, July 09, 2006


Well I have to say blue mounds has to be the hardest race I have ever done, when people said there were alot of rocks I never thought it would be like that. The race was a blast, well atleast for one lap, about 3/4 ofthe way though the first I went over a big rock and heard a "snap", did't think to much about till I stood up to climb and the was just creekin so I jumped of to look at the bike. Checked the top tube and the bottom tube where they meet at the head tube and no crack so I get back on and ride alittle more, creak,crack and snap and I jump off again, low and behold a crack at the top of the seat tube so my ride was over.
The rest of the guys did pretty good over all when almost half the feild droped from flats or injuries.
We stayed around to cheer on Candy,Rick and Todd Hill in the 6 and 12 hour, it was a good rest of the day and we all had a good time. Check out the pics


mountaingoat said...

You should get a Mr. BiGG.

ksjc said...

more of treks fine work, take a picture and send emails oh what fun, there is a good country song in there somewhere

sugs said...

No prob's with my rig...of course it does have a MM fork (or should I say Nashbar) fork on it. Randy, this may be another reason I don't sit on my seat!