Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday, Monday, Monday

It was a ok day, had to be up at 4:30am to be to work at 5:30am in Racine, go all my work done by 8:15 but had to sit around for one of the managers to let us in a locked room, he was told we would be there by 7:00 and he didn't feel like coming in till 9:45, its days like this I'm glad I get payed by the hour.
Even know I only got to do one lap at the SS champ race but I could still feel it today, that was one hell of a hard race.
I am in huge hopes that Russell will be able to get my new rims to me before the race this weekend, he's building me some kickass Sun/Ringle 29"ers for the Rig, speaking of the Rig, looks like I will be racing on of the demo Rigs for crystal ridge, I was told from the shop that Fisher is reworking the frames because they break for the big guys and if I wait they will paint it for me, I really like the purple not the black. I think I'm also going to look at some new bars for the Rig, I really like the bars Travis Brown is running right now (see pic) but they are prototypes so I guess I'll keep looking.
Well got to go.


Jim G said...

This is the purple color I think you are talking about:

ksjc said...

I also think that bike is a 6/9er
Plus the trek crap breaks for everyone, I think Aj is about a buck 40 and his frame let loose

Caesar Evil said...

oh man if TB runs it, that shit must be fast

creepyfriendly said...

Those are the Bontrager big sweeps made by Bontrager. Any Trek dealer can order them. Marko the Darkness runs em on his rig.
Aj breaks bikes because he's pure torque and I'll put money on it that he's at least 160.
Yes, everything Tb run's is the shit.