Thursday, August 06, 2009


I'm starting like I'm getting back in the game. If most of you did not hear about four weeks ago I crashed a Crystal Ridge and dislocated my shoulder. So I have had a long four weeks and before that my fitness was not the best it has been, but........ Last night turned that all around. Lets start with last week. At the ridge the turn out was big, pre Wors race, the plan was just get the laps in and see how the a arm feels. Everything was great until the third lap when for some reason the lights went out and the woods got dark, I mean real dark. The last lap was like riding blind but I finished.
This week I worked a little harder in the single track and tried to hold onto Coop's wheel as long as I could. That worked great until my powertap head unit popped off in the woods right before the alpha trail, so from then it was a catch up game. I think I did pretty good and even tested the climbing speed in my legs on the finish hill.
So all in all not to bad. For three laps it ended up 34minutes,34 minutes and 33 minutes.
I feel the old randy coming back, now lets hope I can carry this into the 40.

See Yaaaaaaaaaaaa................................................

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sugs said...

Finally an update, just think only one more month to go for the next one!